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    Your Next Purchase: The Katana Bamboo Water Bong

    Bamboo is the Future of Consumption

    Terratokes stemmed from a deep desire to find a more organic way to smoke and to forge a deeper connection with the natural world around us. Our newest product, the Katana Bamboo Bong, was crafted to address the problem of glass bongs constantly breaking and to bring us closer together by creating a sense of community. Our 16-inch bong utilizes bamboo, a raw, fast-growing, and eco-friendly material, and longan wood to craft the downstem and leaf bowl. Our aspiration at Terratokes is to form a community dedicated to exploring the planet and smoking in an environmentally friendly way.

    What are the advantages of a bamboo bong, you might be wondering. Well, Bamboo water bongs have become a popular option for cannabis connoisseurs, offering a unique and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional glass bongs. Bamboo bongs outlive glass pieces and gradually influence the flavor of smoke over time. The Terratokes Katana Bamboo Bong is crafted with fast-growing and sustainable materials, bamboo and longan wood, that add a touch of mother nature to the consumption experience.  


    The Eco-Friendly Alternative

    Did you know that one cubic meter of bamboo-assembled components can reduce 249.92 kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere according to the National Institute of Health? The biggest advantage that bamboo water bongs have over glass bongs is their eco-friendliness. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, making it a very renewable raw commodity. 

    Unlike glass companies that emit 86 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, bamboo can be harvested without any long-term degradation to the environment. When bamboo is planted, it makes a positive environmental impact by releasing 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. Not to mention, bamboo is a low-cost and sustainable plant to grow that once introduced into an area, can be adopted to further protect erodible soils. Choosing a bamboo water bong over conventional consumption devices is an impactful step towards an eco-centric lifestyle. 


    Nature is Art

    Bamboo bongs exhibit the most eloquent artistic aspects of nature. We envision the Katana Bamboo Bong being enjoyed out in nature surrounded by natural sounds and elements. Carpenters expertly select and craft bamboo stalks to assemble idiosyncratic consumption devices. The stalk is then cleaned, treated, heated, and cut to the desired length. The bamboo is hollowed out and elements such as the downstem, bowl piece, and base mount can then be added on. The bamboo bong is then sanded, polished, and waterproofed as it undergoes the finishing touches. Thus, each Terratokes bamboo bong is one-of-a-kind, featuring the natural beauty of bamboo. 

    The craftsmanship involved in creating eco-friendly bongs adds an element of elegance to your smoking ritual as each piece is crafted with extreme care. Smoking with a bamboo bong is not just a means of consumption, it’s an experience that you will always remember, especially when that experience is shared with others. 


    Durability and Resilience 

    Bamboo bongs are notorious for their durability and resilience to harsh elements like intense heat or even freezing cold temperatures. Glass bongs can easily break under the stress of pressure or extreme temperatures. However, bamboo can withstand the test of time like no other naturally grown material. Smokers can guarantee that when they invest in a bamboo water bong from Terratokes that they are going to get a long-lasting and reliable dry herb consumption tool. 

    Drop, throw, and pack your bamboo bong in any way and you can guarantee its safety. Our Mt. Fuji base ensures that you can set your Katana anywhere without worry and doubles as a stash spot on the go. The leaf bowl functions not only as a scoop for your dry herb but also acts as a windshield to light your bowl when you’re seshing outdoors. Bamboo bongs are the perfect tool to help build the consumption experience that you desire when you’re hiking, skiing, mountain biking, camping, or fishing. 


    Natural Flavor Enhancement 

    A unique component of bamboo bongs is their ability to augment the flavor of whatever herb you may be consuming. Bamboo provides a very light natural flavor that can subtly influence the flavor of the smoke. This infusion adds an extra dimension of pleasure for consumers who enjoy the nuances of different strains. Consuming dry herb from a bamboo bong is not just about the substance but also the sensory stimulation that it provides, which is reminiscent of using an aged wooden water pipe. Bamboo bongs that come with an ice catcher, such as the Katana, will also allow the smoke to cool down even more in the chamber and will thus offer a smoother and more enjoyable hit.


    Easy to Maintain & Clean

    Keeping bamboo in pristine cleaning condition is a simple process. The natural properties make it resistant to mold and mildew, reducing the risk of contamination. Using 90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol and salt to clean your bamboo bong at least 2-3 times a week is a simple habit that you can adopt to ensure that your bong is never susceptible to being contaminated. The water and heat-resistant coating that is lined on the inside of every Terratoke bamboo bong ensures that your piece is going to last for years to come; it is food-grade and thus susceptible to withstand the temperature of your smoke. The longan wood that makes up the Katana’s leaf bowl and downstem also ensure that your bong remains aesthetically beautiful but that you’ll also never break another bowl or downstem again. 

    Bamboo bongs are always going to be more eco-friendly, artistic, and unique compared to glass bongs. The labor of love that goes into making bamboo bongs means that due to their durability and quality, bamboo bongs offer a smooth hit with optimal airflow – making them the most appealing and eco-friendly option on the market. Cannabis connoisseurs can agree that bamboo provides a unique experience that can turn your normal smoking habits into a consumption ritual you practice and look forward to each day.   


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