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    Your Morning Greens: The Wake And Bake

    Getting up in the morning can be challenging but it doesn’t need to be. Here we explore the benefits of the “wake and bake” and how it can be a great addition to your morning routine.

    Wake And Bake Basics

    What is “wake and bake,” you ask? Like the term suggests, it’s waking up, smoking weed and getting high. “Wake” and “bake.” All you need is yourself, cannabis, a light and a marijuana smoking device. 

    For strain type, you’ll want to avoid Indicas – which will have you feeling sluggish and couch-locked – and instead spark up the Sativas, which will have you feeling energized and motivated to start your day. So wake up, light up and breathe deep. The rest, as they say, will take care of itself.

    The Ritual

    Don’t let the catchy name fool you, “waking and baking” is a sacred activity that for some is right in line with – or part of – morning meditation activities. As the catalyst to your morning and ultimately the rest of your day, you too will want to take your “wake and bake” seriously. It’s more than just getting high, it’s a mindset. Not only are you starting the day anew, you’re doing so with a heightened perspective and therefore, are elevating your consciousness in such a way that if you’re not present, you may miss some of the beautiful messages the universe is trying to bestow upon you.

    The Benefits

    Like a morning coffee, a “wake and bake” session can be an energizing way to shake off the sleep cobwebs and get your body moving into action. Say goodbye to drowsiness and blurry eyes, and say hello to a beautiful fresh start that is the new day in front of you. When combined with meditation, a “wake and bake” can help start your day feeling more mindful and appreciative of all the blessings in your life, in a way perhaps you wouldn’t be as open to if you weren’t “waking and baking.”

    Enjoying a “wake and bake” can also be a fantastic method for dealing with a hangover or some other non-alcohol induced headache. It’s also helpful for those who struggle finding an appetite for breakfast, since the cannabis’ hunger inducing properties might be just the spark you need to jump start your morning metabolism.

    The Science

    The science behind the “wake and bake” suggests that smoking in the morning might actually induce a higher high than at other times of the day. So if you’re looking for some added stoney elevation, the “wake and bake” should have you covered. However, it’s not so much time of day as it’s the fact that your body’s been sleeping and thus has been depleting itself. Like with any drug, a morning “wake and bake” with cannabis hits harder than if you’d already eaten or stayed up all night. So for all your narcoleptic night owls, your “wake and bake” can be performed whenever it is you end up waking from whenever it is you’ve fallen asleep.


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