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    You Forgot Your Lighter: How To Save Your Smoke Sesh

    You Forgot Your Lighter: How To Save Your Smoke Sesh

    October 14, 2020

    One of the most annoying disruptions to any smoker’s journey is the realization they’re no longer in possession – or were never in possession – of a lighter. But before you call it quits on your pre-planned puffs, take a quick survey of your surrounding environment and see if any of these items are available to you.


    Sort of a no-brainer but often overlooked, matches are usually everywhere. If you’re near a residence or the host stand at a restaurant, matches can be an easy solution to your missing lighter woes. There’s also a decent chance someone in your group is actually carrying matches with them, but is so focused on finding a lighter that they overlook the firesticks in their pocket, purse, etc.

    Gas oven stovetop

    Utilizing the stovetop to a gas oven is another lighter replacement method also easily executed at a residence. Provided the stove is powered by gas, simply turn on one of the burners, spark your piece, and be on your way to burning one down.


    This method really only works if you’re in a residence with pre-lit candles, or outdoors where tiki-torches are present. You can either spark up using the surrounding citronella, or pop back inside and bring the candle’s flame to your herb. Certain restaurants with outdoor patios may also contain candles from which you can steal a spark.

    Cigarette car lighter

    Remember these? If you, your parents or someone else you know owned a car in the 80’s or 90’s, chances are that car contained a cigarette lighter, which later became the default power source for all types of in-car electronics. If you happen to still own one of these vehicles, you’re in luck. Just turn on the car and press in the lighter. The lighter will “pop up” when it’s ready for use, at which point you simply apply the hot coils to your bud and you’re good to go.

    Magnifying glass

    Somewhere buried deep within your junk drawer or packed neatly within a tool box might rest a magnifying glass. This method is a bit more involved than the other options, and only works if you’ve got access to sunlight. Provided you’re able to find both a magnifying glass (bifocals or reading glasses might also work) and sunshine, you’re in luck. Hold the lens up to the sun and angle it so that the sunlight is refracting into a concentrated beam. Then, put the tip of your joint – or the weed in your bowl – beneath the concentrated light and in a few seconds, your nugs should start simmering.


    To prevent hazards, avoid sticking your joint or smoking device directly into the fire. Instead, use an accessory like a marshmallow or kindling to capture some flames and quickly apply it to your cannabis contraption before they fizzles. This trick also works well using an indoor fireplace.


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