Yoga & Weed for Better Orgasms | The Weed Show

Yoga & Weed for Better Orgasms | The Weed Show with Charlo Greene

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Combining #cannabis and #yoga is becoming more common. And you know by now how to mix #marijuana into your bedroom. But what about combining ALL THREE? That’s what today’s #YOGASM class is all about! Ashley Barnes, the mastermind behind the movement, is here to show us which yoga poses can actually strengthen our #orgasms — all while smoking weed along the way.

Plus, we're LIVE with your POT TOPICS from 5/18/17:
- #Marijuanareform has officially died in Texas for the next 2 years, meaning more Texans are at risk for ending up with a criminal record due to cannabis.
- Miami, Florida City Deputy Attorney Barnaby Min is under fire after comparing legalization of #medicalmarijuana to the legalization of pedophilia.
- A new study shows most daily cannabis consumers are still getting their weed on the #blackmarket, even if they live in a legal, green state.
- Pot is more popular than liquor and sex! In 2016, recreational and medical weed sales surpassed the sales of #Viagra, #tequila and #GirlScoutcookies.
- Do you have a sick child and can’t find any relief? This study shows why #CBD may be your best bet.
- CBD isn’t just good for your child or severe ailments — check out the best CBD products that are made specifically for your skin.

We’re discussing all that and more, and we’d love for you to join the conversation. Your comments may be featured during the show.

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