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    Where to Find the Best CBD Hemp Flower?

    International CBD brand Black Tie CBD is now offering consumers a chance to try a new type of CBD product: High-Resin Hemp Flower. 


    After spending years growing and testing various hemp cultivars, Black Tie has found several strains that delight beginners and hemp connoisseurs alike. The brand’s top strains include CBD flower strains like BlueBerry Pie, CBG flower strains like Lemon Cream Diesel, and delta-8 THC infused strains like Pastiera. Their CBD flower shop page features a whopping 50+ products, including:

    • Hand-trimmed hemp flower 
    • Hemp flower pre-rolls
    • Delta-8 infused hemp flower
    • 3-gram hemp flower sample packs
    • 5-gram hemp flower sample packs
    • Assorted hemp flower sample packs
    • Rosin-coated CBD flower / ‘Moonrocks’

    What makes Black Tie’s Hemp Flower better

    In a rapidly growing CBD hemp flower market, Black Tie’s experience sets them apart. The brand was officially established in 2018 — but its founders have been growing hemp since 2014.  At that time, smokeable high-resin hemp flowers were a rarity. 


    The passing of 2018’s Federal Farm Bill was what allowed Black Tie to share its premium hemp with the public. The brand’s founders created Black Tie CBD as a way to leverage e-commerce platforms and make truly premium hemp flower accessible to all. 


    To this day, Black Tie produces the majority of the strains they sell. Their farms encompass nearly 200 acres of premium hemp production. “Our ultimate vision is to provide premium products at an affordable price,” explains Black Tie’s founder Kyle Colpack, “so that more people get to experience the magic of Black Tie CBD for themselves.”

    Award-winning best CBD flower

    Black Tie’s CBD hemp flower isn’t just enjoyed by the brand’s customers. It’s also won several big awards, including:

    The High Times DOPE Cup: High Desert 2019

    Hosted by High Times Magazine, this competition saw Black Tie’s hemp flower compete with much higher-THC cannabis strains. The brand’s hemp flower placed second in the “Best CBD Flower” category. This placing made history — it was the first (and last) time industrial hemp went head to head with actual cannabis in any High Times competition.


    Oregon Grower’s Cup 2019

    For this competition, Black Tie CBD entered their Lemon Cream Diesel strain. At that time, Lemon Cream Diesel’s 20% CBG content made it one of the few sought after smokeable CBG strains on the market. 

    The strain ended up winning first place for “Best Hemp Flower” due to its rare phenotype and unique effects. 


    Other CBD flower competitions

    Black Tie hemp products have won other recognized competitions, too. Their BlueBerry Pie strain was recognized as the “Best CBD Strain of 2020” by Taz of Smoking Legal, a well-known hemp reviewer with over 25k subscribers on Youtube.

    Black Tie CBD: lofty standards

    According to the brand’s founders, Black Tie CBD has one primary mission: to help its customers improve their wellbeing while raising the bar for the rest of the hemp industry. 

    Black Tie may be an award-winning CBD company, but they also make an effort to keep their products affordable. 


    Finally, Black Tie CBD holds itself to higher quality standards than many of the hemp industry’s new brands. Their products are grown in the US and tested by third-party labs, sure — but that’s just the start. What truly sets Blacktie apart is their dedication to innovation and the customer experience.  

    Black Tie CBD: new products

    Black Tie CBD didn’t stop innovating in 2019. They continue to bring new, novel products to market. Some of their most unique products include CBN + delta-8 vape pens, premium indoor hemp flower, CBD + delta-8 Moonrocks, CBG-rich hemp, CBD + CBG + delta-8 THC Tinctures, and concentrated cannabinoid distillates. 


    And the brand continues to offer new hemp strains with unique cannabinoid profiles to this day. One such strain, delta-8 infused CHEESE, is already making waves for its purity and potency. 


    CHEESE is an indoor-grown, Sativa-based hemp strain characterized by light green buds with glowing trichomes. The visual effects are topped off by vibrant orange hairs that contrast nicely with the buds. 


    No onto the effects. CHEESE CBD flower has a cheesy, dank scent and a surprisingly smooth texture. Its smoke is thick…but doesn’t burn the throat. Users describe the taste as “savory-sweet.”


    And here are the stats on this exciting CBD flower strain:

    • Density: Moderate
    • Primary Terpenes:  Myrcene, a-Bisabolol, Anisole 
    • Primary Aromas: Spicy, Cheesy, Yogurt, Berries, Kush
    • Primary Flavors: Cheese, Semi-sweet, Savory
    • Ideal Time of Use:  Day-Time
    • Phenotype: Sativa-Dominant 


    Finally, here’s the CBD flower’s cannabinoid profile:

    • Total Cannabinoids Content: 20.44%
    • Total CBD Content: 10.99%
    • Total Delta-8 THC Content: 8.03%
    • Total Delta-9 THC Content: 0.13%


    Why hemp flower education is so important

    Hemp flower is still a fairly new product. Consumers aren’t nearly as familiar with it as they are with CBD oil, for example! 


    And that means education is important. New customers need to know what they’re getting when they order hemp flowers for the first time. They also need to know what to expect in regards to potential effects. 


    Black Tie CBD is helping new customers make it through these learning curves via their educational blog. Here’s some additional information on how hemp flower works, taken from Black Tie CBD blog post: 


    “Users who smoke hemp flower will feel the effects almost immediately upon consumption. When smoking CBD flower, the cannabinoids consumed in the hemp go straight into the bloodstream as it is inhaled and absorbed through the lungs.


    However, there are other ways to consume and enjoy the benefits of hemp flower too. Consuming CBD oil sublingually and through edibles are also options for ingesting hemp, although onset of effects is not as fast as smoking. Because of this, smoking hemp flower is a great way to quickly relax and be comfortable.”


    Summing things up: Black Tie CBD’s Premium CBD Hemp Flower continues to provide premium flowers — and change lives in the process.  Their CBD Flower is globally recognized for its purity, potency, and pricing. Look for continued innovations from Black Tie CBD in the near future; in the meantime, consider enjoying their current products and offerings. 


    Those with questions, comments, or other forms of feedback are encouraged to get in touch with Black Tie CBD. Simply use the form on this page to send your message or ideas. The brand also enjoys getting feedback from anyone who’s benefited from their products. 


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