What’s In Your Weed? LAB RESULTS: Edibles & Drinks | The Weed Show

This week on The Weed Show with Charlo Greene we’re finding out What’s in Your Weed! And today is the second day of LAB RESULTS, all about edibles and beverages. We’ve tested Sexy Ed’s, Bhang Chocolates, Korova Edibles, Cheeba Chews, Sprig and #MaryJanesJuice. The results are in!

Plus, The Weed Show is LIVE with your cannabis news headlines from 4/6/17!
Today’s Pot Topics (The Weed Show’s take on trending events):
– The #TSA recently declared on their website that #medicalmarijuana was okay on planes — then took it back.
– This week has been all about lab testing, but what’s the deal behind lab standards and regulations?
– US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has requested a review of #cannabispolicies in what he believes might be related to violent crime.
– The state of #Oregon is thinking of redirecting #marijuanatax revenue away from schools and toward mental health and addiction programs.
– Coachella is apparently not so chill after issuing a cease and desist to a cannabis company cashing in on the festival spirit.

We’re discussing all that and more, and we’d love for you to join the conversation. Your comments may be featured during the show.

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