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    What You Can Expect As A First Time Dabber

    So you’re curious about dabbing but have yet to pull the trigger. What will the high feel like? What will you experience? Here we outline for you everything you can expect to encounter on your first ever whirl with dabs.

    Choosing Your Materials

    To better help you map out your first dab experience, it’s important to know what you’re dabbing. Do not attempt to dab using your friend’s homemade concoction, but rather hit your local dispensary and inform the budtender that you’d like to try dabbing for the first time. The budtender will be able to suggest some proven, quality concentrates, which will give you peace of mind knowing there’s an extremely low probability of anything out of the ordinary happening, all because you’re purchasing a high quality product. You can also ask your budtender about the verified lab results for the concentrate(s) you’re buying, which they should be able to provide. 

    The Set Up

    The main thing to remember with dabs is that they’re stronger than smoking flower, so it’s best to start with a small quantity and work your way up to more. This will help you avoid an overpowering high that sometimes can morph into a panic attack. While you can never OD on cannabis, you can take “too much” and be uncomfortable, so first time dabbers should expect to administer a dab on the smaller side to test and see how it hits. The smaller quantity should provide a powerful, fast acting high, for immediate pleasure and enjoyment or for immediate relief of pain and/or other symptoms.

    The High

    Your first high from dabbing will most likely settle in immediately as a calming wave of euphoria throughout your mind and body. The blissful high will eventually give way to thirst, so make sure you’ve got a glass of water or your favorite beverage nearby. With your thirst quenched and satiated, your appetite will start to ramp up, so like any good smoke sesh, make sure you have your favorite smoking snacks on hand to kill the craving. Think of this first time dab as any other smoking session, except that the time it takes you to get high is much faster – and much more intense – than if you were smoking traditional flower.

    The Aftermath

    Stay hydrated! Nothing kills a high faster or makes a high less enjoyable than being thirsty. So even after you’ve taken your first dab, make sure your water glass or water bottle is full, and don’t feel bad if you have to refill! Being hydrated provides a much more relaxed brain and body, making you better able to enjoy all the high has to offer without the anxiety of one of your basic needs not being met.

    Tips For Success

    A few other noteworthy suggestions for first time dabbers:

    Don’t overheat your nail
    Once the nail is red hot, let it cool until it looks “back to normal” before you take your dab. Overheating the nail is common amongst first time dabbers, so you’ll want to be prepared to not do this, as it can lead to the creation of extremely hot vapor entering your lungs, which is a huge irritant.

    Remember, tools conduct heat
    Dabbing requires the use of a few different tools and components of the dab rig that utilize the power of fire. Since most of the parts are metal, they conduct heat, and a situation that first time dabbers often forget is that certain parts of the dab rig will get hot. So remember to be mindful of what you’re lighting with the butane to ensure your hands do not get burned.

    Start small, start small, start small
    Did we say start small? We can’t stress this one enough. First time dabbers sometimes feel the need to prove themselves or show that they can handle a massive dab. And while that might be the case, work up to that high quantity gradually, since you can always add on – but can’t subtract – once it’s in your system. For the best first time dab experience, begin with a tiny amount of concentrate and see where that journey takes you.


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