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    What is Ooze C-Core Technology?

    Ooze recently launched a collection of vaporizers designed around a clean ceramic core, or the C-Core. The Ooze C-Core is a ceramic heating mechanism that provides faster heating, better flavor, and creates an overall smarter vape. While this may sound super high-tech, Ooze made simplicity a key design factor as well.

    C-Core technology creates the most efficient heating experience possible, leaving no puddles of extract behind and no green herbs left in the chamber. The proprietary ceramic formula pairs perfectly with terpenes and creates huge vapor clouds packed full of flavor. With minimal product left behind, cleaning is easier than ever.

    How does C-Core Technology Work?
    Ooze designed the C-Core for both extracts and dry herbs. No matter what you prefer smoking, there’s a C-Core device to fit your needs.

    Extract devices use the Onyx Atomizer, which is a deep atomizer bucket with a flat, blue Azul ceramic dish. The special blue coating has millions of microscopic pathways that soak up your dab. It spreads out fast, which means your dab heats almost instantly. No preheating required! These atomizers also have a fancy airway path that starts underneath the Azul dish and pulls upwards, circulating air around more than just inside the bucket. You’ll be blown away by how hard these vapes rip!

    Dry herb vapes use the Nano-Glazed Atomizer, which is a 0.5g ceramic chamber inside a magnetic pod. It uses three types of heat to vaporize flowers evenly: conduction, convection, and far infrared heat. This sends the heat deep into the center of the core, not just around the sides. The result is evenly dried herbs that are crispy and brown all the way through after a session; not burnt around the sides and green in the middle.


    Sub-Ohm Vaping with the C-Core
    Sub-ohm vapes are vaporizers with a coil resistance of less than one ohm. These devices heat up way
    faster and produce a lot more vapor than standard, or above-ohm, vapes. Sub-ohm vapes are typically
    nicotine devices, but Ooze is one of the first to transform this technology for cannabis extracts. All three Ooze C-Core extract devices have a resistance of 0.8 ohms, making them sub-ohm vapes.

    Ooze C-Core Extract Devices
    Booster 2-in-1 Extract Vape

    The Ooze Booster is a powerful 1100mAh device that works as a traditional handheld wax pen, or you can stick it in a 14mm bong for a torchless dab rig experience. This is a seriously heavy hitter and has been known to induce dab sweats and activate manual breathing. Load a small dab for light and tasty hits, or go full dab mode and let it rip.


    Electro Barrel E-Rig

    The Ooze Electro Barrel is a small water bubbler e-rig that packs a massive punch. The small glass water chamber is fully enclosed and doesn’t leak easily, making it a lot more portable than the average bubbler piece. The lid has a carb hole that you can cover with a finger to act as your carb cap. Enjoy seshing all day long with the 2000mAh battery!


    Beacon Extract Pen

    The Ooze Beacon is the slimmest C-Core device, which takes on the familiar shape of a standard Ooze pen. This bad boy has the Onyx Atomizer hiding inside, plus a handy little dab tool right under the cap. This means you always have a tool to load your dabs even when you’re out and about. Then it tucks right inside the device so no sticky parts are exposed. The 800 mAh battery is a beast for a pen this size and will have you feeling right all day long.

    Ooze C-Core Dry Herb Vaporizer
    Verge Dry Herb Vape

    Ooze released just one dry herb vape in this collection, and the Verge is by far the most impressive flower vape Ooze has ever produced. It features a bright and colorful OLED screen that lets you choose a precise temperature and session time. The 2500mAh battery provides 10-12 sessions per full charge, and Ooze even offers a water pipe adapter that lets you add smooth water filtration to the sesh.


    How to Charge the Ooze C-Core Devices

    Ooze understands how much of a vibe killer it is when you’re ready to hit your vape, but it just flashes at you with a dead battery. All four C-Core pieces include a type-C charging cable. Plug it into a wall outlet and you can still use the device while it charges! Micro-USBs are so 2022. Pass-through charging is a standard for the C-Core and will keep you lifted all day.

    The Ooze C-Core is a revolutionary next step in the vaporizer game. These special ceramic atomizers are 100% heavy metal free and ensure the vapor you inhale is as pure as can be. Stop fighting with gross, sticky coils that burn your wax or waste your weed, and treat yourself to a sleek new piece that functions beautifully and will not break the bank.


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