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    What Is Live Resin And How Can I Get Some?

    Don’t mistake “resin” for “raisins.” The similar spelling often leads to confusion that weed and dried grapes are somehow cousins. When it comes to “live resin,” we’re talking about the yellowish sticky substance that’s extracted from cannabis plants. The sticky jelly can be the source of some high-quality highs, so here we’ll tell you more about it and how to get it.

    Types Of Live Resin

    Because of its high terpene content, live resin is sought after for its high quality flavor, aroma and effects. Fresh cut cannabis is frozen through a unique process that produces the live resin concentrate, and while the freezing does impact the nugs, the live resin’s potency is determined by the strain it’s derived from. Having only recently entered cultivation (in the mid 2010s), the live resin space is constantly growing and evolving, with most live resins found in the form of jellies, butters, sugars and saps.

    Ways To Consume

    At the moment live resin is typically consumed by either dabbing or vaping, with dabbing being the more popular option, and for which you’ll need to possess the latest in dab technology. For vaping, specific cartridge brands – like Select – contain live resin in their oils, so all you’ll need is a vape pen and some transportation to get you to your nearest (or favorite) weed shop. And of course there’s always the option of using live resin to cook a cannadish, or topping live resin on the flower you’ve prepared to smoke.


    Essentially what you’re consuming when you’re smoking live resin is a much purer substance entering your system than the cannabis that exists in flower or basic oil form. As a result, the effects of that high can be much stronger and can feel much more powerful than smoking regular weed. It’s why purchasing live resin will cost you a little more and why – in certain areas – live resin might be a lot harder to find.

    Where To Get Live Resin

    Wherever weed and concentrates are sold are where you should be able to find live resin. Again, availability differs from place to place, so if live resin is unavailable in your area, check out your (legal) online distributor. 



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