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    What Does it Mean for an Infused Beverage to be Sessionable?

    What Do We Mean By “Sessionable”?

    It’s a term we use to describe our seltzers – but what does “sessionable” really mean, and what significance does the term have for THC drinks? Let’s get into it – and take a look under the hood at our mission in the process!

    Defining “Sessionable”

    “Sessionable” beverages are those that are designed to be enjoyed in a leisurely, extended manner over the course of an evening, an event, or a party (the “session”). Although sessionable is usually a term associated with alcoholic beverages, there are more ways to enjoy a nice, sessionable buzz than just with booze!

    At Cycling Frog, our use of the term is one way in which we’re able to combat the bias towards alcohol in the beverage industry. We’re proof that a fun buzz can be totally booze-free, and taste great at the same time! A crisp THC drink is the antidote to a rushed pace of life – a chance to unwind, de-stress, and savor the journey, not just the destination.

    Extended Enjoyment

    Cycling Frog seltzers are designed for a leisurely, extended buzz. Our THC drinks are dosed in such a way that consumers can enjoy multiple beverages over the course of a session, sip them slowly, savor the flavor, and relish the moments of elevated relaxation. If you’re at a barbeque, cocktail hour, or party where friends are drinking alcohol, Cycling Frog THC drinks allow you share in the merriment in your own, tasty way.

    Pairing With Food

    Whether you’re a fan of spicy dishes, sweet treats, or savory snacks, our seltzers complement a wide range of foods, enhancing any culinary experience. Try our Black Currant THC seltzer with a charcuterie board, sushi, or noodle dishes! Or sip a can of Ruby Grapefruit along with Mexican cuisine, grilled meats, or a weekend brunch.

    Each flavor offers a multitude of different pairing options – experiment for yourself and let us know what you like! No two sessions are the same, and that’s the beauty of it.

    Social Benefits

    Sharing is caring, and our THC seltzers are perfect addition to social gatherings of all kinds. A case of Cycling Frog sparks conversations, encourages laughter, and builds connections, all while keeping the vibes positive.

    Trust us – THC drinks are an ice-breaker that can go toe-to-toe with alcohol. So, gather your friends, your family, or even new acquaintances around a case of Cycling Frog to let the good times roll.

    Plan Your Next Session With Cycling Frog!

    Next time you hear the term “sessionable,” remember that it’s about savoring the good times, making memories, and having a blast with friends and family. A fun buzz doesn’t have to contain booze, and we’re proud to dispel the myth that alcohol is needed for a good time.

    So, what’s your flavor of choice for your next session? Whether it’s a casual evening in or a lively gathering with friends, we’ve got your sessionable experience covered, no alcohol required. Cheers to good times, great company, and buzz-worthy memories. Stay sessionable, stay froggy! 🐸


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