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    Weed That Hits Like MDMA

    Now before you get too excited, know that nothing hits like MDMA quite like, well, MDMA. But if you’re feeling like you want to roll and don’t have access to MDMA deliciousness, here are a few strains you can enjoy, that – while not molly – might just do the trick.

    Strawberry Cough

    While its DNA remains a bit unclear, it’s thought that the full-bodied Sativa is a mix of Strawberry Fields and Haze, which would explain Strawberry Cough’s sweet strawberry scent as well as its ability to induce some throat discomfort. Like a dose of MDMA, Strawberry Cough will have you feeling uplifted and blissful, making it virtually unavoidable that a smile will crest your face. Great for alleviating stress and elevating your mood, Strawberry Cough is a fantastic “poor man’s” substitution for MDMA given its ability to deliver happiness and feelings of greater connectivity to the world and those around you.


    When it comes to weed strains that make you feel alive, calm and blissful – key components of an MDMA experience – the hybrid Mimosa is leading the pack. A fusion of Clementine and Purple Punch, Mimosa will have you feeling both uplifted – due to its high limonene content – and relaxed, due to its high myrcene content. Mimosa also boasts a strong citrusy fruity flavor, so you’ll also be appeasing your palette as well as your mind, body and soul. The only knock on Mimosa is its growing popularity (it tends to sell out quickly), so if you’re lucky enough to spot this at your local dispensary, be sure to snag some and enjoy the ride.


    Known largely for its ability to enhance sexual experiences amongst consumers, Trainwreck comes on strong and delivers a blast of happiness and euphoric cerebral activity. And while the Sativa-dominant hybrid might be sought after for its foreplay intensifying effects, Trainwreck is also a solid option if you’re looking for a sliver of an MDMA experience given its ability to surge through your body and mind and electrify all of your inner body stimuli. The intensity of the strain is due in part to its high concentrations of pinene, terpinolene and myrcene, which together combine to induce a hard-hitting, mind-bending journey.

    California Love OG

    This balanced hybrid is great for those who like a head rush, similar to the initial onset of an MDMA blast. A cross between Coastal Haze and Pie Face OG, California Love OG quickly starts in the head, energizing consumers and igniting all of their synapses. Finding commonalities between disparate entities is common while high on this strain, so if your euphoric head rush gives way to more creativity and creative thinking before melting into a body high, it’s totally normal. California Love OG is also great for enjoying while in groups, so the social elements of an MDMA experience can be somewhat emulated via cannabis with this strain.

    Sour Diesel

    Fast acting and energizing, Sour Diesel – while extremely popular – also makes this list because of its ability to simultaneously uplift, relax and arouse – all properties of an MDMA experience. Like MDMA, Sour Diesel can enhance almost any life experience, and the strong Sativa’s ability to consistently deliver a dreamlike effect within consumers is one of the many reasons it’s frequently sought after. Like rolling itself, Sour Diesel has been popular since the nineties, so if you’re looking for a strain that has its roots in the same decade as the ecstasy explosion, then Sour Diesel is your pick for a strain that presumably was crafted by folks who know a thing or two about tripping balls.


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