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    Weed That Can Save Your Marriage

    Nothing is worse than when a relationship sours. You might feel trapped, at a loss, or worse – like you made a mistake. But fear not! As a last resort, smoking together one last time might be just the ingredient needed to right the ship. Not that weed can or should be a replacement for your therapist, but its ability to help those you handle difficult conversations, open up about needs and wants, and just plain communicate could be the difference between saying “bye” or “let’s try.” Without making any promises, here are some strains that can (possibly) save your marriage.


    With a low THC content and an ability to improve your mood, this Indica-dominant cross between Jack The Ripper and Harlequin might be a great option for consumption if you’re looking to help lower each other’s defenses. Nothing is really accomplished when two people are already angry. Because Pennywise contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, the high is much more relaxing on the mind than it is psychoactive, which will benefit clearer communication with your spouse. 

    Jack Herer

    The Sativa-dominant Jack Herer has long been a popular choice amongst those who use cannabis to treat depression. And while we’re not suggesting that your marriage is all doom and gloom, there is a heaviness to any circumstance in which two people are at odds with one another, especially if emotions are involved. Like Pennywise, Jack Herer will uplift consumers and its euphoric mood enhancing properties might just be the catalyst to compromise that you’re looking for with your spouse.

    Laughing Buddha

    As its name suggests, Laughing Buddha induces laughter. And what better way to try and overcome your marital differences than by injecting some humor into the equation? Laughing Buddha is a talkative Sativa, one that increases your vibration to help make even the most mundane or uncomfortable scenarios a bit more bearable, and consuming this strain with your spouse might help you remember the good times you’ve shared and the reason you got together in the first place, rather than staying in a negative or argumentative headspace and wallowing in despair.

    Girl Scout Cookies

    If you and your spouse possess a slightly higher THC tolerance, Girl Scout Cookies might be the perfect strain to help you make amends. The Indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush, and is generally used to help deal with pain and nausea. But when it comes to interpersonal relationships, Girl Scout Cookies can provide a long-lasting, uplifting high that can help soothe wounds instead of create more of them.


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