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    Wax On: Intro To CanaWax

    Cannawax, aka cannabis wax. Let’s talk about it. Is it something you should try? Do you even know what it is? In this article, we’ll explore the 4-11 on wax so you can make an informed decision whether or not to incorporate it into your weed lifestyle.

    What Is Cannabis Wax?

    Marijuana wax is a sticky, viscous substance containing a high level of THC. Simply put, cannawax is a concentrate, the primary cannabis material used for smoking dabs. The wax is applied to a dab tool and is inhaled after heating. This process is known as “dabbing.” Alternatively, cannawax can also be vaped by using a device like a dab pen.

    The High

    The high from cannawax is intense. Because cannawax usually contains between 70% and 90% THC, it’s not for novice smokers and should also not be consumed in the same way as traditional flower. Small amounts will do the trick. The high itself is akin to smoking medical grade marijuana, so it’s great for both pain relief and experiencing an elevated psychoactive journey.

    How To Smoke Wax

    There are two main methods for smoking wax:

    1. Using a dab rig.
    2. Using a dab pen.

    Smoking using a dab rig is much more involved and much more expensive. It’s like smoking from an intricate water bong with a few added parts. A dab pen on the other hand has decreased in price over the years, and is much more affordable – and convenient to use – than its more involved rig cousin. When it comes to either the rig or the dap pen, you’re essentially heating a coil or nail, adding the wax, and smoking the vapor.

    Adding Wax To Flower

    One way to get into the cannawax game without buying an entirely new smoking system is to test your waxy tolerance by adding wax to your next bowl or bong. Simply pack a cartridge full of your favorite flower, and then sprinkle some of your newly purchased wax on top. Without burning the nugs – or the wax – hold your flame over the cartridge so that the fire melts the wax, and once the wax has melted over the nugs like a delicious melty cheese, you’re ready to take a hit.

    This process can also be applied to joints, whereby you add cannawax crumbles to your roll. Keep in mind that for either method, you don’t need to add a lot of wax – nor do you need to inhale a ton – in order to feel the effects. In this case, less is definitely more.


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