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    Tommy Plays Ducking High

    Ducking High


    Hi, I am Tommy Chong and we are going to play Ducking High today. I am joined in studio with Macdizzle and Joya from Basically, these cards will get you high! They will lead you and your high friends to out of this world conversations, set the mood at any get-together and make you laugh for hours!


    Tommy: “ Tell me what does ducking mean”.

    Joya: “ So when you know you when you try to type fucking on your phone?”.

    Tommy: “Ahhh ha”

    Joya: “ And it says ducking instead, it auto-corrects it. “

     Everyone: “ LOL”


    This is the perfect gift for any person, to break the ice at any party or just a game to play while you are stoned. A conversation starter and mood setter the 225 playing cards have thought-provoking questions and statements. Each playing card is printed on premium thick cardboard with a glossy finish and will provide many years of entertainment.



    How to Play Ducking High

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    Sit in a circle with the cards in the middle of all the players. The person who shuffles the deck of playing cards gets to choose the first card from the top. Each player then takes turns drawing cards. Just like puffing and passing the next person to the left draws a card and becomes the judge for that round. The judge reads the playing card aloud to the other players who respond with their wildest answers. Each player takes a turn to present their answer to the rest of the players and the judge decides who wins that card. The person at the end of the deck with the most cards wins Ducking High.


    Amazon Review


     “Love this game, already a huge hit with my friends and I. I’m always a huge fan of the stuff What Do You Meme puts out “ – Noah



    Where can I Purchase Ducking High



    This game may be purchased through Amazon who stocks and ships the card game worldwide. also offers a variety of other drinking or stoner board and card games directly through their website.



    Other Games by What Do you Meme



    What Do you Meme is an adult party game taking the Internet by storm! This core game is their #1 Best Seller and comes with many different expansion packs. Become the meme Queen or King for the night as you match up to photo cards with caption cards, resulting in hilarious original memes. This game is perfect for parties, get-togethers or reunions. So call up the crew and have a try at What Do you Meme? Guaranteed laughs and entertainment for you and friends for hours.


    Amazon Review


     “I laughed so hard playing this game that I had a full six-pack of abs by the time I woke up the next day.” Tianna


     GanjaLand is a marijuana-themed board game. Suitable for adults only this board game takes its players on an epic weed adventure exploring a fun place full of sharing laughs, trivia and most of all weed. While navigating GanjaLand you and your stoner friends will experience a place somewhere

    between myth and fantasy. The stoned players get to experience the real GanjaLand, a

    place of mystery and beauty filled with creatures and trails.


    Amazon Review


    “So. Much. Fun. It seemed super easy at first but became more and more difficult (in a hilarious way) as we progressed. Cards ask you to act things out, create lists, order pizza, and call your friends.” – Mary


    Find Ducking High and all their other games on Amazon. It’s a perfect gift for your stoner friends. This is Tommy Chong saying until next time stay high.


    ADULTS ONLY: This game contains mature content and is designed for ages 21+, always play (and toke) responsibly.










    Date: December 25, 2019
    Runtime: 00:03:23

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