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Dank City | Tommy Chong’s 12 Days of Christmas | Steve’s Goods

Steve’s Goods


Hey, Tommy Chong here Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas. Today we are in the studio with Steve from Steve’s Goods. Based in Colorado Steve loves spreading the good word of hemp, CBD and CBG. He has developed a range of products available through his website. is an award-winning CBD company that uses only locally sourced hemp-derived full-spectrum cannabinoids.

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Today we test Steve’s Goods CBD starter pack. This device is multi-purpose and allows you to consume concentrates, cartridges and also a pod. The complete kit includes the following:


  • Battery
  • Vapor Tip Attachment
  • 510 Cartridge + Pod attachment
  • 1 Gram of Blueberry OG
  • 1 Gram of CBD Oil infused with Blueberry OG terpenes. (no PG/VG or additives)


Steve teamed up with Dip Devices to bring a fully comprehensive modern vape/dab starter pack. The Evri is a multi-function way to consume Steve’s organic hemp-derived concentrates. This includes 1 gram of blueberry OG shatter with natural terpenes added and also a 510 thread cartridge filled with 600mg of CBD. The battery easily connects to standard 510 cartridges and refillable e-juice pods alike. does not only offer the CBD starter pack but also a range of other quality CBD products. This includes and not limited to CBD pet products, creams and topicals as well as a wide variety of tinctures, edibles and topicals. His concentrates menu includes wax, shatter and even CBD isolates. You can choose from a range of terpene infused concentrates such as Blueberry, Pineapple Express and Girl Scout Cookies to name a few.

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Their wide array of CBD wax and flavorful CBD shatters are extracted using legal and local practices. The cannabinoids are extracted using ethanol and repurposed into the desired concentrate. Steve’s Goods then processes and packages the final product which may be easily consumed through a Dip and Dab pen or a variety of vaporizers.


Established in 2016, Steve has set out to change the hemp industry for the better, a man on a mission. Reinvesting a portion of revenue back into his company for research and development thus ensuring the best quality and most innovative products available on the market.


Their edibles range includes delicious CBD gummies, tasty CBD lollipops, easy to dose capsules and strong CBD coffee. CBD is not only good for humans but also animals and our pets. Steve’s Goods offers a range of CBD pet oils in a variety of potencies.

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Their beauty product range includes the Enflower high-end luxury range powered by women. Try their eye cream, salve stick, CBD coffee scrub or even lavender and CBD infused sleeping mask. After all, it is made from the same high-quality hemp from Steve’s Goods that many people have come to rely on.


For the next week use the coupon code “ FamilyDiscount” when checking out to get 50% off your CBD starter pack. This is Tommy Chong for DankCity and Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas. See you next time when we review and try many more cool cannabis products.







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