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Dank City | Tommy Chong’s 12 Days of Christmas | Snapabowl



Tommy Chong here for Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas. Joined by my beautiful guest who is a bad mother puffa, Tyler!  Today we say “goodbye to wasting smoke and hello to longer-lasting bowls!”  Ready to save more of each puff? Then grab a Snapabowl and get ready to Rip N’ Flip! Snapabowl is your product of choice today! 

Let’s see how this all works:

“Grab my bic.

And I flick it.

Then I go, I go to rip it.


And then I flip it.

That’s the way…

The way you hit it!” – “Snapabowl Song” by @tylertherapy


About Snapabowl:

Man aren’t you sick of seeing all that smoke come out of your bowl after lighting it?  Well behold.. the perfect device for any bong smokers out there!!! Snapabowl is this new device that “snaps” over: 14mm or 18mm bowl piece to prevent wasting herb and lingering smoke after taking each hit. 

It kind of works like a carb cap but for your herb. 

  • Need to be more discreet? 
  • Tired seeing your bowl smoke by itself? 
  • Well Snapabowl has got you covered! (Literally*)

All you gotta do is rip and flip between each hit! 

Snapabowl is designed for any 14mm and 18mm bowl that’s offered on their website (www.snapabowl.com) . 

Better go check them out online and get rippin n’ flippin!


This is the perfect way to smoke either indoors or outdoors. Take it on a trip with you! Snapabowl can be pre-packed with a full bowl of herb and will never spill out.  Its outer shell is made from plastic which is hard and durable and the inside lid section is stainless steel.  Snapabowl also comes with a 1-year warranty on all their products. It’s super easy and fun to use – honestly!!! Snapabowl can easily attach or be removed from the bowl.  This helps for quick and super easy cleaning.  Just “snap” it back on the bowl, then rip and flip! Days of wasting flower or concentrate are FINALLY GONE! Get a Snapabowl for your friends or yourself and stop wasting your sh*t!. 

No more wastage while passing the bong to left after each puff. Snapabowl is also perfect to share amongst friends. There’s also a lot of cool colors available on their site.  The Snapabowl is no doubt, an extremely innovative product on the recreational smoker’s scene. Snapabowl essentially shuts off the air in your bowl when not in use and stops the heat combustion (cherry) taking place, therefore saving you more herb overall. Something cool for sure. Their product is Patent Protected and will notice that there’s nothing else like it out there! A new design recently released, the Snapabowl has a new “hyperfang” bowl design that is included with every purchase online. Available in 10 different colors, from blue, green, red, pink, black, purple, teal, yellow, neon and orange. Safe to use indoors and/or outdoors. Snapabowl will save your bud and actually extend your smoke sessions. Product is made and assembled in the US. The inner material is constructed with stainless steel, which will never alter the taste of your smoke. 


It’s simple if you are not using a Snapabowl, there’s a good chance that you are wasting weed. As you are constantly burning it after taking each hit the bowl. Flip it and save. Light it up when you need it, and only when you need it. Don’t let your bowl stay lit while burning away precious herb or concentrates! Snapabowl is a company that is constantly creating new cool innovative smoking accessories. Snapabowl is also Patent-Protected. They sell directly from their website, in a large variety of colors and custom options for sale. Go buy directly through their website address below and experience their awesome high-quality service! Their company is based in San Jose, California. 

Now where to find them. Find them on Instagram @snapabowls or go to their website

www.snapabowl.com and use the code “CHONG”, for an extra special discount on the entire

website. One more time, to find these go visit: www.snapabowl.com

Say goodbye to wasting smoke, and say hello to long-lasting bowls. 

SNAP it on, fill your bowl, light it, inhale, RIP and FLIP IT.


“You will always get an extra puff out of each bowl, cause you are saving so much hot air

that is really just going to waste. So get your own Snapabowl and start saving weed

today.This is Tommy Chong for 12 days of Christmas. Until next time stay high, keep lit, smoke a bong with a Snapabowl. Cause it’s great!”



Website: www.snapabowl.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snapabowls/ @snapabowls


Date: December 29, 2019
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