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Dank City | Tommy Chong’s 12 Days of Christmas | Skunk Bags

Skunk Bags

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Hey, this is Tommy Chong for your Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas and guess what? We are with Skunk Bags. They are 100% smell-proof! With odorless stink-free technology. All of the unwanted smells will be trapped where you want them, in your Skunk Case. 


Made in the USA, Skunks Bags spent the last 2 years developing a formula and technology to allow for odorless travel! Using high potency nylon fibers and an activated carbon airflow system in each case, you sure to know that your valuables are safe, secure and also smell-proof with Skunk Bags. 


How many times a day do you open your bag or backpack without realizing you are potentially inviting unwanted trouble. Skunk products are designed to take care of situations like that. In a busy airport, restaurant or coffee shop, if you are using a Skunk Bag, no one will notice. We have given you the option to keep what you carry in your case, private!  Your stink, your business!



Skunk Bag Compact


Related imageA huge variety of compact skunk bags from small Rollup through to SideKick cases that can keep all your goods in good order. Keeping your possessions safe from curious eyes and noses too. These Skunk Bag Compact are made from odorless technology using activated carbon lining to keep it 100% smell proof. Choose a Skunk Bag Compact in many of the different colors available or find one that will suit your needs perfectly.  



Skunk Bag Backpacks



These come in a range of sizes, colors and features too. Take for instance the Urban Burgundy backpack. A modern urban backpack, best for daily use. It comes with 1 front pocket and one padded inline pocket. For security, it has a discreet zipper lock to ensure your valuables are not just smell proof, but safe too.

They also have the Rogue back-pack made from blue denim. Fit for adventure or a mission through the city, this Skunk bag will have your back. It has a thermal liner to keep the temperature cool from the inside while also using rubber-backed nylon to keep water and the elements out. The double zipper enclosure to ensure it keeps the elements out. Lock ‘n Load, it features a lockable buckle and interior pockets. This product also converts to a long pack, which helps when you have too much to carry.

Skunk Bags has a huge range of modern backpacks and compact carry cases. But they also produce cross-body bags that are fit for any extreme adventurer. Or their FaceOff range of cases that will carry any load. Big duffle bags that can carry larger items or more stylish bags like the Weekender in green and brown leather. Or choose a traditional duffle tube that is smell and weatherproof too. More importantly, these bags have extra smell-proof pockets on the inside, All secured together with a combo lock.

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Every bag is made with quality and care, they are very durable and will even survive baggage handlers! Skunk Bags come with a 1-year warranty from date of purchase. If you order this December using the coupon code “Chong” will get 15% off your purchase price. You can also get a further 5% discount by following them on Instagram ( @skunkbags ) and mention “Chong”. Wow, what a deal. So now you are talking a 20% discount. Visit skunkbags.com and get a bag for every occasion. SO you can carry your weed in peace, and you don’t have to worry about that great smell. 


Until next time, this is Tommy Chong for Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas.

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Compact – https://skunkbags.com/product-category/compact/

Soho Black Brown https://skunkbags.com/shop/back-packs/soho/soho-black-brown-leather/

FaceOff – https://skunkbags.com/product-category/faceoff/

Urban Burgundy https://skunkbags.com/shop/back-packs/urban/urban-back-pack-red/


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