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Dank City | Tommy Chong’s 12 Days of Christmas | Pinnacle Hemp

Pinnacle Hemp


Hey Tommy Chong here with my 12 days of Christmas and look at what we are hustling today. Pinnacle Hemp. Get a 30% discount for the 12 days of Christmas by using the discount code “Chong” when checking out from www.pinnaclehemp.com. Mention Chong and get 30% off these amazing products.


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Why our CBD Products are better?



From humble beginnings, the husband and wife team of Pinnacle Hemp developed CBD out of their needs for their daughter more than anything else. After years of research and finding the right farmer, cannabis genetics and extraction process, Pinnacle Hemp was born. Their CBD oil comes from 100% organic industrial hemp that is non-GMO, PEG-, PG- and pesticide-free. The hemp plant contains almost 500 compounds and our full spectrum oils include most of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the plant. This allows for an added benefit and is known as the “entourage effect”. A full spectrum of oils includes CBD, CBDA, CBG and terpenes.


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Pinnacle Hemp Products



Pinnacle Hemp produces over 100 branded products in-house. They offer CBD–rich full spectrum hemp extracts and flowers, CBD vapeables including ki pods and disposables, edibles, capsules, pet products and CBD bath and body products.



CBD Pre Rolls

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One pack contains 5 pre-rolls. They are terpene enhanced for improved flavor while also getting the benefits from some well-known terps such as Beta-Myrcene, Trans-Caryophyllene, Beta-Pinene, Linalool, R-Limonene, Alpha-Pinene, and Humulene.

 There are three different flavors available! Blueberry, OG Fruit, and Green Apple. 


Terpene Enhanced CBD Flower


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There are three flavors available:

Super Lemon Haze – Sativa Enhanced, which has more uplifting effect

Grape Ape – Indica Enhanced, which has more of a relaxed, calming effect

Headband – Hybrid Enhanced which has a nice split of uplifting and relaxing effect


Each terpene profile has its own unique benefits and flavour to match  



Bath and Body Products




Relief Cream



Formulated with natural ingredients that may help with temporary relief of minor aches and pains. Get the relief you deserve by applying small amounts of Relief Cream directly to the affected areas.



Sugar Scrub



The sugar scrub is a 4oz jar of Full spectrum CBD infused with a brown sugar scrub used to soften and smooth dry skin. Let your skin soak in a warm bath for about 10 minutes and apply the CBD sugar scrub to the skin. After your first bath, you already feel the benefits of CBD and our Sugar Scrub via rejuvenated and refreshed skin all over.



Body Lotion 200mg



A coconut-scented or unscented body lotion that is suitable for most skin types. When applied to the skin it gently soothes and nourishes, while deeply hydrating as well


Men’s Line


Often bath and body products are focused on just the ladies. But Pinnacle Hemp has released a luxury CBD enhanced men’s line of products including a Men’s Scented lotion and 3 different beard oils designed to leave your beard smelling great and feeling nourished. CBD helps your skin rehydrate itself and repair skin cells and hair follicles.






Edibles are by far the biggest cannabis consumable and our range of CBD edibles are no exception. We offer CBD honey sticks, delicious gummies, and tantalizing toothpicks. We even have a CBD infused full-bodied coffee. It’s an amazing blend of premium medium-roast Colombian Arabica coffee, infused with 160mg of pure CBD. A good way to start your morning!



Pet Products



Their CBD pet product range is specifically designed for dogs. Pinnacle offers pet tinctures in different strengths for all sizes of pooch, as well as CBD infused dog treats in 4 oz or 8 oz containers. These are loved by many pet owners across the US who stand and swear by Pinnacle Hemp’s products.


US orders over $50 and European orders over $100 ship for free. Get some CBD for yourself or a friend. Start getting the benefits of CBD today, check out pinnaclehemp.com/shop for the best quality CBD products.


This is Tommy Chong for Tommy Chong’s 12 days to Christmas. Until next time, get your CBD and stay lit.  








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