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Dank City | Tommy Chong’s 12 Days of Christmas | Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone


Hey Tommy Chong here with my 12 days of Christmas gifts for you. Today we are hyping the shit out of Pacific Stone. What a great name. Look at all the great products. They got the flower, they got the prerolls. Look at this, 2 pre-rolls in one. Hmmm, smells good too.

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Nowadays, there is soo much crap stuff on the market now, that when you come across a company like Pacific Stone, you remember what they look like, you remember their name Pacific Stone, and when you are in the store, that is what you ask for!


They are all farmers, Pacific Stone is a family of farmers who cultivate, process and distribute sun-grown, greenhouse Californian harvest to dispensaries in pre-rolls and flowers. They offer their flowers or pre-rolls in over 500 plus dispensaries and delivery services throughout California. Yeah, you can have some of this stuff delivered right to your door.


Some of their premium strains include PR OG, Forbidden Fruit and Wedding Cake Indica.Lemon, Banjo, and Orange Sativa,as well as 805 Glue, Sunset Sherbet and 805 Sour Hybrid, are all available in 2g, 3.5g, 7g and 1 oz pouches.




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Premium Pre-Rolls



In 2019, Pacific Stone won Best Brand and Best Pre-Rolls through leaflink.com. (Link: https://marijuanaretailreport.com/leaflink-announces-their-2019-winners-for-the-leaflink-list-awards-2/

This is an acknowledgment of a superior product that they deliver each time. Get that magical feeling wherever you may be with the portable party pack. 14 joints neatly packed and also tubes of 2. And choose the strain for the high you want. They are now also available in strain-specific Sativa, Indica and hybrid varieties. So you choose the mellow for your mood! Each pack contains 7 grams of greenhouse Californian buds, neatly rolled into joints.  Pacific Stone provides a lot of value for a low price. Truly the best bang for your buck.



Some of the flavors of the Pre-rolls and Flowers




Glue Hybrid Pre-Roll


A delightful heady high that enhances both energy or relaxation depending on your mood. Each of these joints is ideal for light socializing or chilling at home with music or movies.Image result for pacific stone cannabis


Lemon Sativa Pre-Rolls

An ideal daytime smoke that enhances your energy, focus and creativity. A great joint for a party, a task at hand or an artistic endeavour.



PR OG Indica


So you want to relax, then this potent indica is for you. Good for pain relief and relaxation. These joints are great for relaxing at home with a book or a movie, a quiet moment with oneself. PR OG Indica is a premium couchlock indica dominant strain which totally relaxes you mentally and physically.

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Now for the rest of Pacific Stones Strains



Their pre-rolls and flowers come in the following strain-specific products:


Firstly, Hybrid Strains 

805 Glue – delightful head high that keeps you energized. Earthy, faintly sour aromas.

Sunset Sherbet – aroma and flavor of sweets and candy.

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805 Sour – a classic tangy flavor that will mellow your mood for the day.


Ok now let’s get into my favorite , the Sativa.


Orange Sativa – citrus flavors with a euphoric high.

Lemon Sativa – uplifting and relaxed.

Banjo Sativa – earthy citrus notes and a head high.


And lastly, Indica.


PRO OG – Great for pain and relaxation.

Forbidden Fruit – fruity tones of the forbidden fruit. Excellent for body relaxation.

Wedding Cake – A relaxing sedative with hints of sweet wedding cake. Its time to truly chill.

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These are just a couple of strains and products they offer in over 500 locations throughout California. Make sure your dispensary stocks Pacific Stones products, for your peace of mind and smoking pleasure.


Check them out www.pacificstonebrand.com, you can find them on instagram @pacficstone_brand . And really find out where you can get your own Pacific Stone. That is me Tommy Chong for 12 days of Christmas. See you next time on Tommy Chong’s Favorites.


Pre-Rolls https://pacificstonebrand.com/prerolls


Date: December 25, 2019
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