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Dank City | Tommy Chong’s 12 Days of Christmas | Myco Sativa

Myco Sativa


Tommy Chong here for Dank City presenting Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas. Today we will be looking at Mycosativa.com and their range of quality certified herbal supplements.

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I am here with George from Myco Sativa. The name is an infusion of the Latin words “mycology” from mushrooms and Sativa from cannabis Sativa. The product range is a blend of different fungi, hemp-derived CBD and other natural ingredients. A herbal tea Myco Sativa may be used in hot water, cold water or even mixed with an alcoholic beverage of your choice. Because the tea can change color it has become a conversational piece when mixed with clear spirits or adding a squeeze of lemon.


Both cannabis and mushrooms have been part of ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Cannabis was first recorded by the Chinese around 3000BC as one of their medicinal herbs mentioned in their book of Pharmacology. Traditionally Chinese have used herbs to treat a range of diseases and conditions so it does make sense to bring this knowledge into the Western modern world. MycoSativa does just that, using herbal and medical experts helping develop formulae for their products. They are also a contract manufacturer and are audited by both SGS and NSF to ensure the safety, quality and consistency of their product each step of the way.


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A proprietary tea blend of Green Tea, lion’s mane extract, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp powder, butterfly pea extract and Phytoceramides. This is an excellent addition to your beauty regime. Backed with research baked ingredients to help your skin replenish and rehydrate your skin after each cup. Each cup has about 10mg of CBD and the B-Fly tea product contains in total 500mg, meaning 15 servings per product.








A luxury anti-ageing oil from Myco Sativa. A potent blend of Hyaluronic Acid, CBD, CBG Reishi Spore Oil, Marula Oil, Jojoba Oil and Lavender helping improve the skin’s texture and elasticity.

The combination of ingredients also helps boost the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels and leave it feeling rehydrated. Each bottle also contains 600mg of CBD for added benefits to your skin.








Full-spectrum hemp oil and reishi spore oil take the meaning of the “entourage effect” to new heights. Both of these primary ingredients are more than likely two of the oldest natural herbal ingredients used by man. There is a lot of promise behind the thousands of studies conducted on both hemp and reishi fungi. Each bottle contains 30 servings and contains 1000mg of CBD and 30mg of CBG.


“Li Shizhen (1518 – 1593), the writer of the Compendium of Materia Medica, and celebrated “Father of Chinese Medicine”, described “Reishi, when taken over a long period of time, agility of the body will not cease, and the years are lengthened to those of the Immortal Fairies.”





Reishi Gold



These capsules are packed with two of the most medically beneficial natural ingredients, Hemp and Reishi spores. Its health benefits are undeniable and they help support/balance your immune system. The product contains 30 capsules which contain 20 mg of CBD each.





Cordyceps Gold



This natural energy boost capsule was one of the secret ingredients the 1993 Chinese women’s Olympic running team used to break 3 track records!





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The name of this Myco Sativa product stems from the long history of the powerful ingredients infused in this product. This is one of their best selling products and is a unique blend of natural algae, fungi and hemp-derived CBD.





Cold Brew Deluxe Coffee



A synergistic blend of Lion’s Mane, Chaga and CBD providing a bold, smooth taste in each cup of coffee. Packed 10mg of CBD in each cup of instant coffee, you will reach new heights each morning with their cold brew deluxe coffee.




Mycosativa.com products are available through selected outlets countrywide and also available directly through their website. This is Tommy Chong for today’s Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas. 


Date: December 29, 2019
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