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Dank City | Tommy Chong’s 12 Days of Christmas | Manscaped



Hey, Tommy Chong here with another special for Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas. Today I have something I have been afraid of for years. Called the Lawnmower 2.0, made by Manscaped.com, it is simply a men’s body groomer. 

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It is the mission of manscaped.com to create an open and empowered modern man that results in us being more proactive in self-care and healthcare. The LawnMower 2.0 is an electric trimmer that is worthy enough to get up close and personal with your family jewels. Designed and developed for below the waist grooming, its the right tool for any job. The latest model in a series runs at 6000 strokes-per-minute and can last up to 60 minutes in one charge.


Using QuietStrokeTM Technology and suitable for wet or dry use as its waterproof. The LawnMower 2.0 is a modern accessory for any hygienic and active man. Proper manscaping requires precision-engineered tools, that is what the LawnMower is perfect for. SkinSafeTM technology prevents accidental nicks while shaving. So rest assured you are in good hands and will be manscaped in no time at all.



Cleanse, moisturize, deodorize


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Manscaped.com skincare products are infused with the finest natural ingredients to help your skin feel soft, smooth and renewed after use. Their products can soothe your skin even in the most delicate parts while preventing itchiness and irritation.


The Crop Preserver is an anti-chaffing ball bag deodorant. An all-in-one moisturizer and deodorant for “below the deck” and highly active areas. It helps promote antibacterial protection while maintaining all-day freshness.


The Crop Cleanser is a moisturizing hair and body wash with Active pH control. This formula was specifically designed for highly active individuals and to be used as a total body cleanser. Infused with natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling clean, fresh, moisturized and rejuvenated.


Crop Reviver – This is simply a ball toner and refresher! Spray-on body toner and spritz has been designed for high friction areas and highly sensitive areas of the body. This toner helps reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin.


Crop Mop – A ball refreshing wipe. Designed to help get rid of bacteria and sweat from your private parts. Specially formulated to meet a man’s hygienic needs, these wipes will keep “the boys” refreshed and hygienically clean.


Foot Duster  – A cooling 24-hour foot deodorant spray. Cheers to hot funky feet, and keep your feet odor free with only one application daily. Trusted by professional athletes and formulated for men that have activeImage result for manscaped lifestyles. Try Foot Duster, your feet will thank you.


Refined Cologne – Limited Edition fresh and clean scent specially designed for the refined gentleman. A light, yet masculine and pleasing fragrance. This long-lasting scent does not fade quickly but does also not overpower you. Formulated by Whiff Perfume Labs and packed in 50ml spray bottles.


Manscaped.com also offers a lifestyle range for the modern man. Lifestyle includes fresh breath mints, a disposable shaving mat known as the Magic Mat, anti-chafing boxers, t-shirts and premium travel bags. Under their tools section, they offer The Shears, a luxury nail kit. One can also buy replaceable blade modules for the LawnMower 2.0 in this category.

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Manscaped.com provides you with a set of products in either their Perfect Package 2.0 or Nuts and Bolts sets. Manscaped Essentials provides you with a LawnMower 2.0 and a bottle of Crop Preserver. So you can shave your balls, and smell good.

These people have invented the first manscaping tool, which makes it safe and easy. The trimmer is waterproof and cordless. This means if you accidentally drop it in the bathroom you are ok, cause its waterproof. Or down the toilet, it’s still waterproof. The LawnMower 2.0 is TSA approved so you can know that you may safely travel with it.






Try one of their replenishment plans now and save 13% on getting a refine Cologne replenishment every 6 months. Shipping is free and you may cancel at any time. Get 20% off and free shipping when using the promo code “Chong20” and manscpaed.com. And remember, its the perfect tool, for your family jewels. Your balls will thank you! And I thank you, and I am not your balls. This is Tommy for another 12 days of Christmas. Until next time, stay high and hygienic.








Date: December 28, 2019
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