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Dank City | Tommy Chong’s 12 Days of Christmas | Mankind Dispensary San Diego

Mankind – Cannabis Dispensary San Diego


Hey, Its Tommy Chong here with my Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas. Today we have a dispensary from San Diego, that goes by the name ManKind. Mankind carries all these good cannabis products, including this great hat. I think I will keep it. I collect hats.


Mankind is a San Diego based licensed dispensary to provide quality pure, products, education and unique shopping experience to local cannabis customers. Its welcoming shop is located at 7128 Miramar Road, San Diego. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff will answer any questions you may have regarding the cannabis products they sell. Let Mankind assist you in identifying your requirements and helping you achieve the best effects Image result for mankind dispensary san diegothrough the knowledge of their premium product lines.


Receive expert care at their Miramar location or skip the lines and order online from home and get an additional 10% discount. Get all your favorite cannabis products delivered directly to your door, kind of like the Amazon of the cannabis world! Orders over $50 will be delivered free of charge. Oh boy. Jump all over that deal. Really good man! Oh, they take credit cards online and instore.



Mankind has separated cannabis into two distinctive categories, namely Medical and Recreational. But Mankind is voted San Diego’s top-rated recreational dispensary! They stock hundreds of cannabis products each of them with a different flavor, effect and experience. Mankind commits itself to provide not only premium products and service but also helping you achieve the experience you deserve.


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The right strain of cannabis can easily help you be more alert, creative and aware in social settings. Choosing the correct strain for a day or night out in San Diago may greatly enhance the experience. Our knowledgable staff will gladly select the best product for any occasion.


Relaxing and Meditation


Using cannabis can help motivate calmness and relaxation. Cannabis can help clear your mind and center your thoughts. Let us help you choose the right strain for your introspective self.




Although not always the right setting. Using the right cannabis can aid in creativity, awareness and boost your cognitive function up a notch. Looking for discreet ways to consume cannabis, Mankind is the place for you. With a wide range of both CBD and THC products, we are sure to match you with the right workload.

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Professional athletes are taking to cannabis products fast. Some products may help with focus and energy levels while others may assist with muscle recovery. It’s nothing new that these stars use cannabis to boost their performance and so can you. Choosing the right cannabis for what you would like to achieve is not far away, just look for Mankind.






Mankind offers quality medical cannabis products ranging from Full Spectrum Oils through to capsules, pain cream and vape cartridges. Each product has different cannabinoid profiles that are perfectly matched for medical conditions like PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, nausea or insomnia. Medical cannabis products have different CBD: THC ratio’s, which can range from 0:1, 1:1 2:1 or 10:1. This means far less psychoactive effects and more medical CBD, with the added entourage effect.



Elevate your Mind With Mankind



Let them know I sent you, verbally; “ Tommy Chong sent me”. Get 15% off for orders over $100. That’s another great deal. Buy Mankind and pick up all the products for your holidays coming up. And for all your personal needs, check out www.mankindcannabis.com. That’s today’s Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas. See you next time for some more great cannabis products and reviews.

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Date: December 25, 2019
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