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Dank City | Tommy Chong’s 12 Days of Christmas | Chronic Candy

Chronic Candy

High, its Tommy Chong here. This week we will be tasting and discussing and tasting some delicious sweet treats from Chronic Candy for Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas. This is a great gift for Christmas time as it looks like a bud, but you can eat it. This is not just candy, their range includes lollipops, gummies, chocolate bars, chocolate budz and tinctures. We will be reviewing all these products that have been carefully created for your palette and taste buds.


These do not only taste good but also has all the wonderful benefits of CBD. Whether it’s your mum, your brother, stoner friends or your grandmother, get your Chronic Candy CBD for Christmas.


One of the pioneers of the CBD industry, Chronic Candy started back in 1998 with a simple hemp flavored lollipop. Since these early days, the company has evolved into a leader of the CBD industry offering a wide variety of quality edibles. Over 20 years of providing quality CBD products, Chronic Candy has established its reputation and well-known for its high-quality CBD products.


CBD is the key ingredient in all their products and the CBD used is a 99% pure isolate. The final product is always 100% free of all THC. Using a blend of terpenes and other natural products, Chronic Candy’s product lines are unique flavors that get your taste buds dancing.



CBD Gummies


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Where soft candy, sour sugars, and CBD benefits collide to give you the most wonderful CBD Gummies experience in the market.“


Edibles are the most popular cannabis consumable by far and gummies are no exception. Chronic Candy has a range of 4oz baggies filled with 250 mg of pure CBD. The baggies come in three delicious flavors, namely neon bears, peach rings and sour worms.




Their newest product for 2019 is their gummies in containers of either 4oz or 8oz. The 4oz soft CBD gummies are packed with 250mg CBD and their 8oz container is packed with 500mg of CBD. Now available in 4 different flavors, namely neon bears, peach rings, sour worms and blue raspberry rings.





CBD Lollipops



Related imageThe old faithful and most traditional product from Chronic Candy which has been developed since their humble beginnings. Made from pure organic CBD and 25 natural terpenes, these CBD lollipops will provide you with 10mg of CBD in 6 delicious flavors. The six available flavors are blue dream, tangie, gelato, lemon, haze, OG and strawberry.




Chronic Candy knows how popular the lollipops are decided to also pop them in baggies. The Chronic Candy Lollipops in baggies are more potent and each bag contains 6 lollipops packed with 30mg of CBD each! The baggies come in 3 flavors and include blue dream, strawberry and their newest flavor OG watermelon.





CBD Chocolate Budz

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A new line of sweet from Chronic Candy. Chocolate Budz not only look like some of your favorite chronic flowers, they also contain the benefits of CBD. The chronic flavors available are Banana OG, Gelato, OG Kush, Strawberry Shortcake, Milk & Cookies and Blue Dream. Each bag is lab tested and infused with 200mg of CBD. Have some fun with your friends, and fool them into thinking these are chronic buds, but when eaten they melt in your mouth.





CBD Chocolate Bar



These bars are jam packed with creamy cocoa butter and have undertones of vanilla. Each bar is loaded with 100 mg of organically extracted CBD. Dont look further than Chronic Candy’s CBD Chocolate Bar for your medicated chocolate delight.







CBD Tincture




Tinctures are a great way to dose yourself easily with CBD. Because Chronic Candy are masters at flavor making, their quality CBD tincture was made to offer a candy tasting tincture! They are available in 30 ml droppers and come in eiether 1000mg or 3000 mg strength.


Well folks, thats it from me this week. Until next week, stay safe and enjoy those Chronic Candy sweet treats available from www.chroniccandy.com




Date: December 29, 2019
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