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Dank City | Tommy Chong’s 12 Day of Christmas | Plug Play

Plug Play

Hey Tommy Chong here again, with Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas. And look what I got? I got me, PlugPlay. It comes in two lines, DNA and Exotic. DNA are strained focused so you’re getting the full flavor of the original strain, while Exotics are mixed natural flavorings.


These products are so easy to use. Remove the mouthpiece, plug in your pod of choice, press the button and inhale! This is such a convenient and discreet way to deliver cannabis, Pluglay! 

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DNA stands for Daytime, Nighttime and Anytime. Carefully crafted by experts with original strain-specific terpenes, their DNA line is reputable and delivers the recognized effects each time. All Daytime plugs are infused with sativa dominent strains so that it gives you the right amount of energy and focus you need. While the Nightime are infused with indica dominant strains so that when you need the rest, you just Plug your strain of choice and get the relaxtation and rest you need. Anytime are hybrid versions and have a good balance of both sativa and indica that may be used anytime of the day. 


Below are a list of some strains in the pods that are available through licensed dispensaries:

Related imageJack Herer:

Flavors: Sweet and Earthy
Feels: Energetic and Creative

Fire Og:
Flavors: Pungent and Pine
Feels: Euphoric and Relaxed

Pineapple Express:

Pine and Citrus
Feels: Happy and Uplifting

Girls Scout cookies:
Flavors: Pungent and Pine
Feels: Euphoric and Relaxed

PLUGPlay: Exotics



As each name suggest these pods are infused with delicious natural flavors, giving them a fun and fresh taste. A balanced quality taste potency each Exotic plug is handcrafted with the perfect mix of ingredients, ensuring consistent plugs each time.  All of the Exotics plugs are hybrid dominant strains that are mixed for consistent fresh flavor each time and anytime. 

Below are some examples of the Exotics plugs you will find available through licensed dispensaries.

Strawberry champagne

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Flavors: Crispy Strawberry
Feels: Happy and Uplifted

Tangie cream

Flavors: Orange Cream
Feels: Happy and Uplifted

Grape ape soda

Flavors: Juicy Grape
Feels: Happy and Uplifted

Pineapple cooler

Flavors: Pineapple and Orange
Feels: Happy and Uplifted



PLUGPlay: Pods



A modern design packed with technology helps the Plug Play feel more like a dab rig than a vaporizer. The ceramic-heating based pods make all the difference and allow you to experience the best flavor and effect on the market. The performance is incredible and the ceramic heating gives a crisp clear hit via the vape each and everytime. The Plug Play vape pods are also very durable and resistant to breaking as they are made with heat resistant plastic, rather than glass. 



PLUGPlay: Quality



Image result for plugplay vapeWith over 350+ puffs per charge, the unit gives you more Playtime with less charge. PlugPlay comes with an easily attachable 500mah battery that recharges in a couple of hours using a MicroUSB adapter. 


The plug juice is lab tested, ensuring it is solvent and pesticide-free. Its also hassle-free with no odor, no mess and no fuss.


What I really like about this product is that they are so easy to use, Plug, Press and Play. This is me Tommy Chong for DankCity and Tommy Chong’s 12 days of Christmas. Until next time, stay lifted.



Date: December 29, 2019
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