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    Wake n Bake

    Everyone has their own unique morning ritual; wake up and go to the bathroom, grab some coffee and a cigarette, morning yoga, hit the gym, or simply wake and bake. Apparently waking and baking originated in the 60’s on a very glorious morning on 4/20, and since then more and more people took on this morning ritual.

    A test was done among 69,299 cannabis consumers worldwide to see just how many people wake and bake, and according to the 2017 Global Drug Survey, 21.9% were American smokers. A close second was Mexico with 18.4%, and then Greece with 15.9%. Moreover, the average of wake and bake consumers worldwide was 10.3%.

    However, with all these wake and bakers it’s important to know the pros and cons of our morning ritual. If or when you smoke in the morning, it can go one of two ways; a very productive start for your day or extreme laziness and demotivated day. Of course there are ways to avoid any lazy mornings while smoking.

    People enjoy having their morning toke for various reasons; mainly for chronic pain, energy boost, morning motivation, stress free environment, productivity, relax before the day starts, and so on. Of course in order for that to work out, you’d have to make sure that you’re smoking a Sativa and definitely not an Indica.

    Waking and baking is not for everyone and for some people there are some negative aspects that could include feeling lethargic, losing energy as the buzz wears off, major increase in tolerance (high tolerance=more weed=more money spent), feeling demotivated, cannabis dependency, and whatnot.

    It works for some people but not for all, and that’s okay. There are some helpful tips to have a great and productive wake and bake. First the strain, always make sure you have a good sativa or sativa based hybrid; some good strains are Green Crack, Jack Herer, Candy Jack, and Sour Diesel. Second be active, try to make your breakfast while you get baked; stay moving to keep your energy going, but definitely eat something too. Third is time, be aware of what time it is and set alarms just to remind yourself every now and then. Fourth and very important, stay hydrated!

    If you’re leaving the house after a good wake and bake, then just make sure to change your dank stank clothes, take a shower, brush your teeth, drink more water, clear those red eyes, and have a great day!

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