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    Like the name suggests, Vortex is a highly psychoactive strain that can warp the senses of it’s users. Some users feel the strain lift their spirits and energize them but others feel it drag them into a sitting or laying position from which they cannot escape. The mother of this strain is Apollo 13, a cross of Genius and Princess 75. She was crossed with a male Space Queen, or Space Dude, which is made up of Romulan and Cinderella 99. The result is a strain that tastes and smells like a mix of fruit.


    Vortex’s effects can suck away patient’s anxiety, stress and depression. The strain may also used to find relief from migraines and headaches. Some patients may find it helps them focus, diminishing the chaos of ADD/ADHD. Others find it lessens their chronic aches and pains.


    According to Subcool, the strain is rife with odd mutations and “sticky freaks of nature” that require a lot of training to achieve a good yield. Due to those factors it is not recommended for the first grow or for large-scale production. Plants of this strain have slim vine-like branches that lack strength but are suitable for the Screen of Green method. Subcool recommends keeping Vortex indoors but some growers have had success in gardens beneath the sun. This strain should be pruned of lower heavier branches and given a lot of support with stakes and strings. It has been tested to have a THC range of around 16 percent. Flowering for 45 to 55 days, Vortex can yield from 100 to 140 grams per plant.


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