Why Vaporizing Marijuana Is A Better Way to Get High

Vaping, instead of smoking cannabis, will give you a more positive feeling. The first time I tried it, I felt more awake and active afterward. This is a totally different feeling that I would get from smoking a joint. It’s definitely worth trying.

Vaping is safer than smoking

Vaping marijuana will allow you to consume cannabis while avoiding dangers associated with smoking it. The herb is heated below combustion point to avoid formation of noxious byproducts. Vaporizers also extract moisture in marijuana to create a vapor that can be safely inhaled. Therefore, you’ll only consume the important elements of cannabis—nothing more. You will not be exposed to lung and respiratory system conditions either. You can vape near other people since no smoke is released in to the air. It produces better taste and barely smells—it’s quite similar to using an e-cigarette.

You can vape anywhere

Whether you are using marijuana for recreation or health reasons, you’ll feel comfortable vaping it in public. Using a discreet vaping device such as a vape pen does not carry the stigma that a joint does. It also doesn’t smell. This means that you can literally consume marijuana anywhere. You only need to load the vape device with cannabis concentrates or hash oil to get started.

I prefer using the oil as it is affordable and easily available. Some people prefer vaping ground cannabis extracts which, they say, provides a better taste. It boils down to personal preference.  To know what you like, you could try filling your vaping device with the oil first to see if you’ll like it. During the next session, use ground cannabis.

You can use a conduction or convection vaporizer

Conduction vaporizers are popular as they are relatively cheap and low maintenance. They produce low heat to release the cannabis vapor.  Convection vaporizers release the vapor by pushing hot air through the herb; there is no contact with dry heat. Although convection vaporizers cost more, they are more effective.

You’ll get high faster

While you might need to take more puffs when using a vaping device, you feel the effects of cannabis more. Isn’t that the point of using pot? To increase the good feeling, use a high quality vaping device. You only need to make an initial investment for the device and vape. This will allow you to save money in the long term since you will vape less to achieve similar effects that you would if you were consuming it in another way. When vaping cannabis, you generally need a small amount of the herb, than you would if you were smoking or consuming it in edibles such as cookies and tea.


Vaping marijuana is definitely a better alternative to smoking it. Not only is it healthier, you’ll also look cool doing it. There are also a variety of vaping devices that come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Everyone is bound to find something that reflects their personality. Once you try it, you’ll never consume marijuana in any other way.


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