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    Vaporizing Cannabis for the Holidays

    The holidays come with their fair share of joys and stresses so it’s a good idea to prepare now and deal in the best ways including planning for self-care to find relief. One way you can take care of yourself and enhance socializing during the holidays is to consider vaporizing cannabis (instead of overdoing it with other less healthy alternatives like drinking alcohol). 

    Read on to learn about the benefits of vaping cannabis oil, and all the different vape device options including a vape unit called The Flüt. We also offer suggestions for cannabis products that may be ideal for dealing with stress during the holidays and help enhance holiday activities.

    Why Vape During the Holidays

    Vaporizing cannabis during the holidays – if you have a good product – is effective and delicious. Plus, vaping can be a better alternative than smoking, and it is more discreet. You can always smell a burning joint or bowl, something that some of your relatives might not appreciate, but vaping is less obvious.

    Vaping cannabis provides the advantages of smoking flowers without the toxins that come with it. While researchers aren’t ready to declare vaping as a healthy or safe alternative to smoking, the evidence does suggest that vaping exposes you to fewer toxins than smoking does. 

    Unlike pre-rolls or blunts, vaporizers don’t heat the cannabis to the point of combustion. Instead, they only provide enough heat to vaporize the cannabinoids. When inhaled, this vapor delivers concentrated cannabinoids straight to your bloodstream by way of your lungs’ alveoli. The effects often take hold within 10 minutes of the first draw, and they begin to dissipate between 30 and 60 minutes later.

    Vaping may also be a more immediate and effective method of consuming cannabis than ingesting traditional cannabis edibles. Traditional edibles can take up to an hour to kick in, and the high lasts longer, up to 12 hours or more. Also, when cannabinoids like THC are digested, they turn into something more potent which has the potential to overwhelm the user. 

    Vapes also allow you to customize your experience by containing a wide range of cannabis concentrates, ranging from purified THC or CBD oil to broad-spectrum and terpene-rich formulations. Cannabis oils sold in cartridges or vape pens are easy to use with practice and you can choose from a variety of natural flavors and effects. Need motivation to carve that turkey or need help relaxing after a busy day of shopping without the whole house knowing you are using cannabis? Try vaporizing cannabis oil!

    Cannabis Vape Device Options

    There are a few vaporizer options if you would like to vape cannabis. First, there are cannabis flower vaporizers, common ones today can be handheld and portable. You can grind up cannabis buds and put the flower into a chamber where it is heated and vaporized.

    If you would like to vaporize cannabis concentrates, there are a few options. If you are vaporizing a concentrate that is viscous or solid like rosin, wax, or shatter, you can use a dab rig or terp pen. Dab rigs are usually made of glass and require you to scoop the concentrate into a glass chamber and use a torch or electronic ‘nail’ to heat up the concentrate to produce vapor. Terp pens come with coils at one end that you can apply concentrate to and inhale the vapor via a mouthpiece at the other end.

    For cannabis concentrates like distillate or live resin, you can purchase cannabis oil cartridges or all-in-one disposable vape pens that come with a pre-charged battery. Cartridges require you to screw or insert them onto a compatible re-chargeable vape pen battery that usually has different voltage temperature settings to heat the oil for vaporizing. Disposable vape pens come ready to vape out of the package with a chamber of oil that is attached to a battery.

    One new, fun way you can vaporize cannabis concentrates is to use a Flüt Vaporizer that comes in a Lunchbox kit. You can vaporize concentrates like wax, or screw in your cannabis cartridge into a base powered by a battery. Once you have the cartridge securely inserted and you turn the base battery on, you can insert a glass chalice on top of it that fills up with vapor. When you have the cup filled with the amount of desired vapor, take it off the base and sip or inhale the vapor slowly and pass it to a friend. The Flüt is best when shared making it ideal for fun holiday socializing. Pro tip: Try to liven up your card game with a sip of delicious vapor before playing!

    If you are new to vaping or don’t do it often, remember to just take a little and go slow to see how you feel before taking more, as this is a potent way to vaporize cannabis!

    Suggestions for Cannabis Oil Products

    First, we highly recommend that you purchase a cannabis product from a licensed dispensary always. This is to be sure the product is tested and safe. 

    Our suggestions for cannabis oil products depend on the activity you are doing or the goal you want to achieve. Say you are doing activities during the day like cleaning your house before your family comes or are having lunch with a friend and want to uplift your mood. We recommend sativa-dominant products to help you get motivated or energized. 

    The Clear products like Elite, ENDO, or Classic oil cartridges and vape pens include Daytime sativa-leaning delicious all-natural flavors like Lemon Haze or Golden Goat. They all come in different terpene profiles and cannabinoid percentages that indicate the effects so you can choose what’s best for you and your holiday activity.

    If you are going to do some low-key activities like watching your favorite holiday movie or reading a book before bed, consider using indica-leaning cannabis products. The Clear also offers Nighttime all-natural flavors in their vape and infused products that are great for relaxation such as Grapevine, Blueberry, or OG, all recommended for low-key activities.

    Are you having a holiday party where you want to socialize and unwind? We recommend The Clear’s Anytime hybrid flavors like Blue Raz, Banana Cream, or Potent Pineapple to help you stay alert but relaxed. Plus, if you use these cartridges with The Flüt you can share it with a friend to boost the joy that you get from your favorite holiday tunes or during your holiday gift exchange. 

    We hope you are ready to try vaporizing cannabis during the holidays, for all your stress relief needs and to enhance those holiday activities that become some of the best memories!


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