Vaping Myths Busted

Vaping, which has become the trend for the modern-day cannabis-enthusiast, has created a lot of controversies and myths. There are so many myths and alternative facts about vaping that are online. One myth even said that vaping cannabis can cause your lungs to freeze up. This is truly false. So, we are going to go over the vaping basics.


Vaping is the process of heating up cannabis or cannabis oil without completely lighting it on fire. The ‘smoke’ that comes out is actually not smoke, it is vapor. That means it is completely different from smoke, and absorbs differently.


It is well known that vaping has far less harmful effects than smoking. When you smoke cannabis, there is no nicotine or chemicals like there is when you smoke a cigarette or a cigar. However, whenever you smoke something with an open flame, you can inhale tar from the smoke or butane chemicals from a lighter. Vaping is considered to be the safe alternative for cannabis’ health benefits. Also, it helps a lot to those who are trying to quit smoking. Vaping CBD has actually been proven to prevent nicotine withdraw.


Vaping is considered as the better alternative to smoking. It voids the consumer of the foul smell of smoke and causes minimal to no irritation unlike smokes. When vaping, you also get a higher hit and absorb more cannabis. Vaping works as a medical tool to patients who get irritated by the toxins otherwise.

When vaping, you also save much more weed. The weed is not all burned away like it is in a joint or a bowl. Instead, it uses every last bit. There are also ways to reuse the scraps left after vaping cannabis to make an edible.

While vaping attracts many with its advantages over traditional joints or bowls, it still comes at a price. Though reduced, vaping can be expensive. Vapes are getting pricy, and each vape works differently. When choosing a vape, choose a good one. It will be worth your money because it saves you money.


Leaving aside the pros and cons, the growing popularity of vaping is undeniable. The sheer number of different products coming to market proves that statement. The cannabis enthusiasts consider vaping as the golden tool and support their argument with reference to the encourage effect.

In the medical field, vaping will provide quick relief to those suffering painful ailments and help people overcome nausea, headaches, and help increase appetite.

Yet the Cons of vaping create a challenge for many of us. They can be expensive and it can be a challenge to put the money forward to buy a nice vaporizer when you probably just want to spend that money on weed. But a good vaporizer can save you money not only by conserving weed, but giving you a much better high for less. If you are on the fence about buying a vape, borrow a friends first!

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