Trump and Pot – Where Does He Stand?


Nobody really knows where Donald Trump stands on marijuana. But some of the people surrounding him are concerning. For instance, Jeff Sessions, his Attorney General, once said that he thought members of the KKK were ok people until he found out that they smoked pot. He also said that “good people don’t smoke pot” and let’s hope that he wasn’t talking about the veterans who use medicinal cannabis for PTSD.
Statements like this from people who are currently controlling the drug policy in the United States are a bit concerning. Especially since they can change everything with the stroke of a pen. These are the people that Trump has put into a position of power, and he could remove them at any time. But the question is will he? Or will he take a side on marijuana and direct the government into a new direction?
We all know Donald Trump is his own person, so where does he stand on pot? This is confusing because he seems to be on both sides of the issue, and in the middle, all at the same time.
Trump once stated that all drugs should be legalized, and that the taxes made should help us get out of debt and fund drug education courses. He also stated that we should have medical marijuana, but never gave a plan on how or if that was something he was even interested in. This was just something he said in an interview. He later repeated it in a Facebook video. His stance on medical marijuana seems to be a one-time thing, because he never mentioned it again. This was almost a year ago.
And that brings us to now. Just a few months ago, white house press secretary Sean Spicer said that the Trump Administration is going to ramp up the war on pot. And he is also taking a strict stance on ‘law and order’ and this is what Reagan said before the war on drugs ramped up. So this seems to be where he stands now, even though we honestly have no idea if Trump is even behind this. Luckily, there does not seem to be much change in marijuana policy at the moment, and Trump does respect states’ rights, for now.
Marijuana seems to be a topic that Trump is staying out of. However, Jared Kushner, his son in law and one of his most trusted advisors, is a bit more liberal on the subject and he has been tasked with eradicating the opioid epidemic, and many studies have shown that moving cannabis to a schedule 2 drug may actually do the trick. So hopefully, Trump gets educated on the topic and takes a stand that’s pro legalization. Otherwise, we may lose all of the progress we have made over the past few years. That means we would be at least 4 years behind on progress for legalizing marijuana at the federal level. Lets hope for some positive change!

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