Trump is Coming for Your Weed | Pot Topics 2/24/17 | The Weed Show

The Weed Show is LIVE with your cannabis news headlines from 2/24/17!

Today’s Pot Topics (The Weed Show with Charlo Greene’s take on trending events):
– In case you missed the horrible news,#SeanSpicer announced yesterday the Donald J. Trump administration will likely INCREASE enforcement in states where #recreationalweed is legal.
– Smart kids are more likely to smoke #cannabis than #tobacco — the exciting news is in on the heels of a landmark study done by University College London.
– This week the state of #Texas was SUPPOSED to start accepting applications from cannabis companies that want to operate under the #CompassionateUseAct, but there’s a hold up, and nobody can explain why.
– While #Texas struggles to implement its #CBDonlylaw, Leafly talks to 5 experts who weigh the benefits of CBD only and #wholeplantmedicine.
– We round out today’s Pot Topics with international weed news from #SouthAfrica and #Australia.

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