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    Trokie: A Pharmacist’s Trailblazing Solution for Cannabinoid Delivery

    In 2013, Dr. Kent Crowley, a PharmD with a rich background in pharmacy services, found himself at a crossroads when asked to explore cannabis’s therapeutic potential for two children with serious health issues. Despite initial reservations about cannabis as a gateway drug due to his past struggles with addiction, Kent’s journey led to the creation of Trokie®, a groundbreaking troche technology for cannabinoid delivery.

    Kent, drawing on over 20 years of experience, collaborated with experts in Northern California’s cannabis space, addressing challenges in administering phytocannabinoids to children. Concerns about quality, safety, dosing accuracy, and therapeutic onset speed prompted the birth of Trokie®, combining modern delivery technology for therapeutics with modern cannabis oil innovation.

    Trokie®, a phonetic spelling of “troche,” represents a small medicinal tablet or lozenge. Kent’s invention aimed to enhance bioavailability and onset speed, addressing the limitations of existing administration routes. Using a well-known technology, Kent partnered with PCCA for FDA/cGMP quality ingredients, setting the stage for Trokie®’s debut.

    Seeing positive results in patients’ lives, Kent patented his creation and partnered with a medical marijuana facility in Reno, NV. Trokie® garnered acclaim, leading to its spin-off as Farm To Farma, Inc. dba Trokie® in 2017, focusing on a separate strategy from recreational use.

    Surviving industry challenges, Trokie® withdrew from the marijuana market in 2019, a decision that proved crucial amid industry upheavals worsened by the pandemic. In 2021, a new leadership team, including CEO Gavin Chandler, enabled Trokie® to navigate challenges, securing financing, rebranding, and positioning for growth.

    Recent partnerships, including the SSRP Trusted Partner Program, showcase Trokie®’s commitment to quality and patient well-being. Participating in the Radicle Sciences ACES Study and focusing on the hemp market, Trokie® anticipates relaunching marketing efforts. Driven by the goal of improving patients’ lives, Trokie® embodies Kent’s excitement for the company’s promising future.


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