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Marijuana smoking is known to cause microscopic and visible injury to the smoker’s large airways. This is something that has been consistently linked to an increased likelihood of triggering chronic bronchitis symptoms. Vaping would appear to reduce the potentially harmful lung effects caused by smoking. Certainly, this is big and welcome news because the biggest risk that comes with weed smoking is actually the smoke itself.

Washington State Passes Vapor Products Law

Recently, Washington State has taken a more head-on approach in terms of addressing marijuana vapor products usage and marketing. The Legislature passed Senate Bill 6328 that regulates “vapor products” and gives the Cannabis Board (LCB) and the Washington State Liquor authority to issue licenses for the delivery, retail, and distribution of vapor products.

All vapor product applications in Washington must be channeled through the State’s business licensing system before approval, and all applicants are subject to a comprehensive criminal background check. The Licensing and Control Board has the authority to bring on extra rules during the process of application. Effectively, the new Bill has made selling or distributing a vapor product without a valid license a class C type felony.

Authorities Warn of Teens using Vape Pens & E-Cigs for Marijuana

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular than ever before, particularly among students. But it would appear that school teens are going further than simply vaping nicotine. Deputies from the Sheriff’s Department of Los Angeles County have been confiscating a numbers of vaping devices from students as they contain hidden marijuana flavored liquids.

A Yale survey covering almost 4,000 students in high school has revealed that 30% of them have admitted trying marijuana. Many of those teens said they have either used THC wax in a vape pen or hash oil in an E-cig.

Public Marijuana Vaping fueled Washington’s New Rules on E-Cigarettes

Preventing kids and underage persons from getting nicotine addicted isn’t the only goal of the new electronic cigarettes rules in Washington. The law in the State prohibits the use of marijuana by persons under 21.With the new law, the State also wants to discourage people — particularly teens — from the use of e-cigarettes and vape pens for marijuana vaping in public places.

The new rules, once signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee, ban the use of vape pens and e-cigarettes in day cares, schools, and elevators. At the same time, the law gives local health boards power to ban all indoors public vaping as well as in outdoor areas where children tend to congregate. The law accords authorities the power to confiscate all vapor products from minors.

In all likelihood, regulating agencies and law makers across the US will continue regulating vaping. Agencies like the US FDA continue researching on the vaping effects on the human body, and you can expect them to legislate accordingly. Just like Washington State has taken steps to regulate vaping, you can also expect others to follow suit. If you use vape pens, e-cigarettes, or you are a stakeholder in the general vaping industry, it is worth keeping yourself updated on new state and federal regulations as they develop.


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