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    Top Delta-8 Brands for 420

    Ready to feel relaxed and euphoric? Delta-8 is one of the newest and most popular forms of THC thus far and we’re seeing so many amazing goodies arise from it! As the Delta-8 market is growing, we’ve gathered the 5 best brands you should try out if you’re ready to dive in.


    This 4/20, blast off to the moon and beyond with cosmically delicious cannabinoid and legal mushroom products from Galaxy Treats, including Delta 8 Gummies, Delta 9 Gummies, Amanita Mushroom Gummies, HHC Disposables, and more! Made in the US and lab-tested for potency and purity, Galaxy Treats products are thoughtfully crafted to deliver the best experience possible! Shop online at and use code “DANK20″ to save 20% off sitewide or use code”DANK42” to save 42% off all orders of $100 or more! 


    The Brand: Metta Hemp is the original smokable hemp company inspired by cannabis herself and founded on the principles of kindness and compassion. Every purchase you make is supporting psychedelic research through
    ∆8 THC Wet Sugar Concentrate: Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup! Delta-8 THC Wet Sugar Dabs offers one of the most phenomenal dabbing experiences possible. Especially, anyone who loves the uplifting yet soothing psychoactive effects of delta 8 THC. Made with the cleanest methods possible, combining the powers of D8 and CBG, with three strains to choose from.
    Shop Here: Metta Hemp



    The Brand: PureKana is your best source for quality, affordable wellness products made from hemp-derived CBD. Their hemp CBD products can be used in the form of capsules, beverage enhancers, topical salves, edibles, vape devices, and more. They also offer hemp CBD products and treats for your pets!

    Delta-8 Gummies: If you’ve been searching high and low for delta 8 near you, we’ve got you covered. Loved for the noticeable effects on the body and mind, Delta 8 and CBD often go hand in hand, so we have crafted a line of top-of-the-range D8 products. Shop all PureKana products for 42% off this 420, use code: HAPPY420

    Shop Here: PureKana


    The Brand: Delta Extrax products, as we know, are some of the best THC quality products on the market. With the various forms of products, cannabinoid blends, flavors, strains, and strengths available, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

    Pod: Our proprietary Goliath Pod Battery is not included with these Pods but it is in the Goliath Starter Kit. It has a top-of-the-line Formatrix ceramic heating coil that will prevent leakage and will heat up the Live Resin to the perfect temperature for a premium vaping experience. The Battery Capacity is 280mah so it will require minimal charging. This Goliath Pod Battery is the perfect device to enjoy your THC-H Live Resin with.

    Shop Here: Delta Extrax



    The Brand: Tiny Dancer is not the only THC Delta 8 and HHC  disposable you can buy – we all know that part. What  you may not know is the level of dedication, research and testing that goes into our unique and custom flavors. Our final flavors are a cut above the rest and you will know every time you  use Tiny Dancer. Our  dedication shines with every inhale – and – exhale you release

    Delta 8 Cartridge: OG Wreck (Sativa)

    • Intensely Euphoric Uplifted
    • Focused Daytime Stress Reliever.

    Shop Here: Tiny Dancer


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