Top 6 Must Know Marijuana Life Hacks

There are life hacks for everyone on the internet. So why shouldn’t marijuana smokers have their own life hacks? Here are the top 6 life hacks that all marijuana smokers must know. These hacks will make your life easier and help you save your weed!

1. Apple bowls

I am sure you have heard of these from that one stoner friend who is always trying weird ideas that they found online. But have you actually tried making one yourself? They are super cheap and they will last you a good day. These are great for situations where you lost your main bowl and need a quick improvisational fix.

2. Use a Frisbee when rolling a joint

Toss that folder aside and start rolling your joints inside of a Frisbee. You don’t have to worry about getting weed on your clothes or worse – on the floor with the rest of your lost weed. This is a great weed hack that is cheap and easy to do. You can start doing it today!

3. Use honey when rolling a joint

When rolling your joint inside of your Frisbee, use honey as a form of natural glue to hold your joint together. Just a few drops will do, and it will hold your joint together very nicely. Not only will it hold your joint together BUT it will also slow burn it! SO, your joint will last longer, burn evenly, and stay held together. You actually do not taste the honey at all. Some may wish they could taste it, but many people prefer the taste of their bud or their specialty blunt paper.

4. Matches Get Rid of a Skunky Car

Does your car reek of weed? You are not alone. A regular air freshener just wont do the trick. You need something stronger, and that is where matches come in. Light a few matches and wave them out in your car. Depending on how dank your car is, it might take a few. Make sure to keep your windows and door closed while you are doing this and PLEASE be safe.

5. Black & Mild cigars make a cheap bowl

When you have run out of papers, lost your bowl, and can’t find an apple, you can always resort to Black & Mild cigars. Just cut down to the bottom where there is just about an inch of the cigar remaining. Take out the tobacco, fill it with weed, and put on the mouthpiece. It works well when you need a quick fix.

6. Make a spoof with a plastic bottle and dryer sheets

This is one of the most common weed hacks but I still need to mention it just in case someone does not already know about it. To cover up the smell of weed smoke when smoking indoors, just take a plastic bottle and put a dryer sheet in it. Then, you cut a few small holes in the back. When you take a hit, blow into the bottle and let the pot smell vanish.


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