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    Top 5 Vaporizers Brands for 710

    Introducing the top 5 vaporizer brands that are revolutionizing the vaping industry. These innovative brands have earned a reputation for their exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to delivering an unparalleled vaping experience. From sleek designs to advanced features, explore the world of vaporizers with these industry-leading brands.

    The Kind Pen


    The Kind Pen is a New Jersey-based vape pen company that has quickly become one of the worlds most trusted brands in the industry. These Kind Pen vaporizers are innovative and offer an effective, cutting edge, delivery system that makes us one of the best vape pens for weed, hemp, hash and CBD and other vapeable products. Our vape pens are an affordable alternative to crude resin-filled pipes and bongs. We believe our products have the perfect balance of potency with discreet portability, which is just part of what makes them the best vapes for weed, CBD, and hemp. With five clicks and a deep breath, we’re helping people taste the world in a wonderful, new way.

    X Vape


    XVAPE is a leading manufacturer of cannabis vaporizers in a recognized iso medical grade facility. Constantly striving to push the industry forward with innovative offerings with the customer in mind. XVAPE always provides high quality without high cost. Striking the perfect balance between performance, purity, and price. US designed and US grown.

    Auxo Cenote

    Encompassed within the crystal-clear, hand-blown borosilicate glass recycler attachment is your very own front row seat to the 360° all-around immersive light show that Cenote puts on. Unlike traditional dab rigs with curves and edges, Cenote is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. The streamlined cylindrical body is ergonomically designed for easy grip and compactness, allowing it to be extra portable for scenarios in which you never thought you’d be able to enjoy dabbing.

    Randys Loov

    Loov is a new tabletop vaporizer from Randy’s, offering a session unlike any you’ve ever experienced. With Loov, you can fill the glass beaker with vapor and tip it back as much or as little as you prefer to experience a session curated for your desired pace. Combining innovative technologies with an industry-leading coil, this tabletop vaporizer will let you experience a robust and smooth session with every tip of the glass beaker.

    Ooze Verge

    Out of all the Ooze vaporizers, the Verge is the most advanced device we’ve ever created. This state-of-the-art dry herb vape is part of the C-Core collection, which means it uses our proprietary ceramic technology for the smoothest experience ever. It has a 0.5g chamber to load your flower in, which is one of the largest capacities you’ll find anywhere!


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