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    Top 5 THC/Hemp Drinks for 420

    Infused beverages have been a popular item in the canna market lately and we know exactly which ones you should try out first this 420!



    The Brand: Cycling Frog isn’t just a brand. It’s a statement. It’s the belief that cannabis consumption should be normalized. Cannabis should be affordable, accessible and enjoyed with the same ease as your favorite sparkling water or beer, and we at Cycling Frog are here to make that happen.

    Wild Cherry THC Seltzer: Finally, a hard seltzer alternative worth drinking! Our Wild Cherry THC seltzer is the wildly sessionable hard seltzer alternative you’ve been asking for. With 5mg THC and 10mg CBD per can, our THC seltzer is designed to help you unwind, laugh, and above all else, have fun.

    Shope Here: Cycling Frog



    The Brand: Cantrip infused beverages blend the magic of herbs and unique flavors to transform the way we drink. Wherever you want to go, whatever you dream to do, or however you like to hang, Cantrip is along for the journey. We celebrate the enjoyment of life, social connection, solitary relaxation, and whatever it means to you to live life to the fullest.

    Seltzers: Low dose, fast-acting, and only 8 calories per can. Cantrip seltzer’s are bubbling with citrus, herbs, and a garnish of terpenes paired perfectly to each flavor.
    Recommended for anyone new to cannabis, social or low-tolerance consumers, and those who dream big.

    Sodas: Sky-high sodas, packed with 50 mg THC per can. All-natural ingredients meet innovation in taste, with classic flavors made from scratch.
    Recommended for high-tolerance consumers, those with a sweet tooth, and anyone looking for magic in a can.

    Shop Here: Cantrip



    The Brand: Small, but mighty – MAJOR packs a major punch.  Throw it all back at once or make it last by micro-dosing, MAJOR is designed to be an affordable high dose THC beverage that delivers a safe, consistent, and enjoyable cannabis experience with no cannabis taste or smell. Available in WA, AZ, OR, CO, and Ohio as a medical product.

    Original Major: Our Original Major, designed to deliver high doses of THC in a small 6.7 fl. oz. juice beverage, MAJOR packs a major punch.

    • 200 ml (6.7 fl oz)
    • 100mg THC (10 servings of 10mg), see dosing strip on side of bottle
    • 2 grams of cane sugar per 10mg serving
    • Shelf stable for one year from manufacturing date

    Shop Here: Major


    The Brand: Inspired by our memories of growing up in Hawaii, we bring the island vibes from our home to yours. Olala, pronounced OH-lah-lah means “sun-kissed” – and that’s exactly how we feel about our products. Each and every sip of our bubbly beverages taste like a kiss from the sun. Crafted with pure cane sugar, there’s something for everyone in our line of tropical beverages. Featuring full-spectrum cannabis oil, high carbonation levels, and premium packaging, we consistently deliver the best of the best in flavor profiles, early-onset time, and expertly balanced effects, no matter the flavor or THC dosage.

    Blue Raspberry Soda: Remember when school let out for the summer, and you raced to the corner store for an ice-cold blue raspberry icee? The way it slowly moved up the straw until the sweet, sugary taste hit your tongue, causing your mind to instantly explode from pure excitement? Well, this cannabis-infused soda is kind of like that, but for adults.

    Shop Here: Olala


    The Brand: High on taste. Low on calories. Plift is a delicious hemp-infused beverage for any occasion — social, solo, and anywhere in between.

    Tart Lime: This artfully crafted and well-balanced beverage is BIG on natural lime flavor! Inspired by the classic margarita and perfectly dosed™ with 4mg of Delta-9, Plift Tart Lime is perfect for the boat, pool, patio or backyard BBQ.

    Shop Here: Plift


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