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    Top 5 Vaporizer Brands for 420

    Celebrate 420 in Style: Discover the Top 5 Vapes for an Unforgettable Experience!

    Auxo Cenote

    Encompassed within the crystal-clear, hand-blown borosilicate glass recycler attachment is your very own front row seat to the 360° all-around immersive light show that Cenote puts on. Unlike traditional dab rigs with curves and edges, Cenote is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. The streamlined cylindrical body is ergonomically designed for easy grip and compactness, allowing it to be extra portable for scenarios in which you never thought you’d be able to enjoy dabbing.

    Gags from KindPen

    Gags is our desktop e-rig for wax and oil carts that make it easy to enjoy long, lazy sessions at home! Its large glass dome-like bowl delivers amazing rips & monster plumes. Despite being a desktop-style vape, GAGS is battery-operated, which means it’s cordless. AND it’s small enough to fit in a backpack so you can carry it with you. Just be careful of the glass bowl! That said, like all our products, GAGS is covered with our unlimited lifetime warranty, which means you can get a replacement lightning fast in case something does happen to it. Why? Because we believe in our vapes.

    Xvape Vista Mini 2

    XVAPE VISTA MINI 2 is a reimagining and vast cutting-edge update in the world of compact but powerful bubbler vaporizers for your concentrates or oils. This new stunning device features 4 LED indicated heat settings perfectly optimized for users and concentrate of all varieties, a one-of-a-kind glass discovery carb cap perfect for viability, a ergo-blaze flared mouthpiece for comfort, detachable glass bubbler, secure flow silicone seal, a revolutionary AIO crystal quartz atomizer equipped with short circuit protection, along with all your favorite features from the first version like wireless charging and haptic feedback.

    Randys Loov

    Loov is a new tabletop vaporizer from Randy’s, offering a session unlike any you’ve ever experienced. With Loov, you can fill the glass beaker with vapor and tip it back as much or as little as you prefer to experience a session curated for your desired pace. Combining innovative technologies with an industry-leading coil, this tabletop vaporizer will let you experience a robust and smooth session with every tip of the glass beaker.

    Ooze Verge

    Out of all the Ooze vaporizers, the Verge is the most advanced device we’ve ever created. This state-of-the-art dry herb vape is part of the C-Core collection, which means it uses our proprietary ceramic technology for the smoothest experience ever. It has a 0.5g chamber to load your flower in, which is one of the largest capacities you’ll find anywhere!


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