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    Top 5 Dispensaries in SoCal for 420

    Embark on a journey through Southern California’s premier dispensaries, where the 420 spirit is alive and thriving! From scenic locales to top-notch product selections, these cannabis hotspots are primed to make your 420 experience unforgettable. Explore the best of SoCal’s cannabis culture and find your perfect match for this year’s celebration!



    Drgreenrx has been serving North County since 2016. In 2019 we were issued our state license and have proudly been working with many vendors and are up to date on all invoices. We believe that maintaining respectful relationships is not only a good deed but a requirement. We welcome you to shop our store and see for yourself just how knowledgeable our team is and how much we love to serve our customers. Stop by and say High!


    Green Earth Co.

    Established in 2007, Green Earth Co. has been at the forefront of the Los Angeles cannabis industry for over 15 years and houses 25 years of collective experience amongst its managing staff. Our mission is to educate our customers on the natural and holistic benefits of cannabis. Now with 2 locations serving Highland Park/Eagle Rock & Granada Hills, we’ve worked hard to create a fun, safe, and friendly environment where people with all levels of experience can cultivate their own relationship with cannabis and, more importantly, with the culture.


    The Chronic

    At The Chronic, a leading cannabis company in Los Angeles, we prioritize exceptional customer service, community engagement, and a diverse range of premium products. Whether for recreational or medical use, our fully licensed dispensary provides a safe and welcoming environment with knowledgeable staff to guide customers towards wellness and relaxation. Join us to redefine the cannabis retail landscape and embark on a journey towards empowerment and enrichment in the world of cannabis.


    Free the Trappers

    As a black-owned enterprise, we take pride in prioritizing economic empowerment, job creation, and inspiring future generations of entrepreneurs. Every day, we strive to make a difference by reinvesting in our communities, partnering with local organizations, and advocating for equitable opportunities for all. Dive deeper into our mission and explore our premium products at


    The Higher Path

    Named the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles 2016, The Higher Path Collective serves both medical patients and adult-use recreational consumers from our convenient location in Sherman Oaks. Since opening in 2013, our focus has been on helping provide patients with the knowledge and medicine they need. We aim to educate our visitors about proper cannabis use and other alternative health approaches to supplement their medicine — and we are passionate about our mission! We believe that access to cannabis should be simple and that having the knowledge and tools to integrate it into our health care regimens or lifestyles is an important part of that.


    The Other Path

    Welcome to The Other Path CBD Store, crafted by the experts at The Higher Path. We’re your go-to destination for legal hemp CBD and insightful education. Our carefully curated selection features hemp and full-spectrum CBD products, all compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill’s regulations, ensuring THC levels below 0.3%. Here, we’re dedicated to empowering our community with knowledge about the nuances between Hemp and Full Spectrum CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, and other cannabinoids, as well as offering a plethora of accessories, functional mushrooms, and traditional herbs.


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