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    Top 5 Dispensaries in New Mexico for 420

    When it comes to weed, experience matters. From north to south, from east to west, we have you covered with the best dispensaries you don’t want to miss out on. In this article, you will discover the top 5 dispensaries in New Mexico for 420!

    Green Fuego

    Green Fuego is an award-winning craft recreational & medical cannabis dispensary founded by a local family in Santa Fe, NM. The Green Fuego team is driven to offer the highest quality cannabis products to their community. Green Fuego produces their own cannabis – Their flower is entirely soil grown, hand watered, no chemicals or harsh pesticides are used, and cured to perfection. Their goal is to bring the best cannabis to the NM market while providing an all-around relaxing shopping experience for the customer. They specialize in bringing exotic genetics to the NM cannabis market, and recently, their strain “Taste the Rainbow” won best sativa flower in the state!

    The foundation to Green Fuego is Master Grower Eric Trujillo. Eric has grown and studied cannabis for over 20 years. Eric’s love for cannabis started when he realized the impact of its medicinal benefits on him personally. He attended NMSU to study agriculture, then moved on to work in the cannabis industry. Eric is known for producing some of the highest quality cannabis in the state of NM, even earning the nickname “the plant whisper”. His mission is to share his amazing ‘greenthumb’ and help our New Mexico Cannabis community learn more about this special plant.

    Visit Green Fuego’s website and listing.

    OSO Cannabis Company

    OSO has been growing and assisting patients on their wellness journey in cannabis since 2011 with being license #9 in the state! The first medical dispensary started right in the quaint mountain town of Ruidoso New Mexico under compassionate distributors and blossomed into OSO Cannabis Company in 2020 having 4 locations. As the OSO roots began to spread they now have 9 locations in New Mexico and soon to be 10. OSO sets the bar high as they invest in their communities as the company continues to expand, working with other farms and manufacturers to always be able to offer the finest quality cannabis products available.

    OSO is driven to provide quality care for those who need it most. Their highly trained store personnel and support staff help determine the most effective treatment method, then guide their patients through every step of the process so they’ll know exactly what to expect, answer any questions, and provide any resources needed. In addition to cannabis products, OSO also carries a full selection of glass and accessories to ensure that they are able to meet all of your needs. Their goal is to be your one-stop shop for all things medical cannabis.

    Visit OSO Cannabis’ website and listing.

    Everest Cannabis Co.

    Everest Cannabis Co. is a locally owned and operated New Mexico company investing in community by using local vendors and long-standing sustainable cultivation methods, packaging, and other business practices throughout the organization. Their professional cultivators take pride in tending to the needs of each plant in order to unlock their full potential. Their hand-crafted cannabis is grown in true living organic soil that is free of harmful pesticides and contaminants, and is hand-cultivated, dry cured, and meticulously trimmed. Their goal is to provide our patients with the most aromatic and best-tasting cannabis on the market.

    Since 2016, they produced many cannabis-derived products at their state-of-the-art production facility in Albuquerque, including salves, beverages, baked goods, and vaporizers. Their cultivation and production facilities serve the entire state through our nine retail locations in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, and other locales. Everest Cannabis Co. employs over 100 New Mexicans, offering the highest-quality cannabis to all their guests while adhering to their core values of compassion, sustainability, and integrity.

    Visit Everest Cannabis’ website.

    Sawmill Cannabis Co.

    Sawmill Cannabis is not only in the cannabis business, but they are also in the business of enhancing lives. More than just a plant, cannabis can positively affect the mind and body, promoting healing, relaxation, positivity, and beyond. These are how Sawmill Cannabis Co. aims to impact their customers’ lives—and they promise that both they and their products work hard at it!

    At Sawmill Cannabis Co., there are two things cannabis products should be: pure and high quality – and these aren’t up for debate. With purified growing and quality manufacturing processes, their products consistently exceed the standards for purity and quality, which they have worked hard to maintain—because it’s a priority for the customers and a necessity of their team.

    Visit Sawmill Cannabis’ website.

    Organtica New Mexico

    Organtica focuses on quality because it’s what we want in our medicine. Organtica puts the perspective that they are patients too, and they demand high quality, organically produced cannabis as part of their medical and recreational cannabis therapies for themselves and their loved ones. They offer consistent, high quality, organic medication, making Organtica a trusted name in the New Mexico Medical / Adult Use Cannabis community.

    Organtica won’t rush a harvest, and they don’t add trendy grow products to push their products. They would rather be low on cannabis products for a while than send something to market that isn’t up to par. They are patients, and they have patience. They always want to offer their patients the best possible grown cannabis medicine in New Mexico.

    Visit Organtica’s website.



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