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    Top 5 Dispensaries in New Jersey for 420

    Embark on a journey through New Jersey’s premier dispensaries, where the 420 spirit is alive and thriving! From scenic locales to top-notch product selections, these cannabis hotspots are primed to make your 420 experience unforgettable. Explore the best of New Jersey’s cannabis culture and find your perfect match for this year’s celebration!


    Brutes Roots

    Brute’s Roots is a South Jersey locally owned and operated cannabis dispensary conveniently located 1 mile off of Exit 9 on the AC Expressway in Egg Harbor Township. Not only do they have amazing customer service and quality products, but they were also voted as “Dispensary of the Year” and recognized as offering “the most affordable cannabis in the state of New Jersey.” They have also created a buzz across the state with their promotion offering 1 pound of weed to one lucky customer on 4/20 at 4:20pm! Details can be found at


    Design 710

    Design 710 is a dual adult use and medical marijuana dispensary located in Atlantic City at 112 Park Place. With an experienced staff of cannabis professionals and industry legends, Design 710 provides customers with exceptional service and a full range of products to suit every taste and desire. As a 2019 permit winner, Design 710 designed its dispensary to provide an inviting, safe, secure, and entertaining place where all visitors can have the best experience whether a new or seasoned consumer. Just steps from the historic Atlantic City Boardwalk and sandwiched between Bally’s Casino and the Claridge Hotel, Design 710 offers a unique cannabis experience unmatched by any other in the state. Check us out!


    Leaf Haus

    Welcome to The Home of Higher Standards. Here at Leaf Haus we believe wholeheartedly in all the amazing things the Cannabis Plant has to offer. Our team is filled with the most knowledgeable people in the New Jersey Cannabis Industry, and we pride ourselves on helping everyone get exactly what they’re looking for and for the best bang for your buck. Our management has carefully curated the largest most exclusive menu in the state, and there is no plan of slowing down in getting the best products on our menu. We are the little guy fighting for other little guys and building a community of vendors, clients, and customers that really want to see this industry flourish the right way in the Garden State.



    Daylite Cannabis is a licensed NJ dispensary. We are 100% locally owned by friends and family with strong ties to Mount Laurel and the surrounding area. Our aim is to be the preferred dispensary for South Jersey.


    Eath and Ivy

    Earth & Ivy has earned its spot as a top New Brunswick dispensary with its high-end cannabis products, which range from top-tier flower to edibles, vape carts, concentrates, tinctures, and much more. Whether you’re a brand-new cannabis buyer or a seasoned toker, Earth & Ivy’s skilled budtenders will help you get what you need and serve you with a smile.


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