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    Top 5 Dispensaries in Montana for 420

    Seed of Life Labs

    Seed of Life has been steadily crushing the Montana cannabis game! With 5 convenient locations across the state, this premier cannabis brand has been making waves from  seed to sale.

    Holistic Relief by Design

    Founded in 2008, 4th generation family owned and operated Holistic Releaf By Design was formed by a mother and son who became passionate about natural, alternative healing and healthcare.


    Elevated is Montana’s premier marijuana provider with 10 dispensary locations across the state of Montana. We are proud to provide our customers with over 60 strains of top shelf flower on rotation

    Think Higher

    Think Higher Caregiving is a small shop atmosphere Montana medical marijuana dispensary providing enormous amounts of care to only a few handfuls of special individuals. Think Higher Caregiving does not strive to be the largest, instead we strive to be best.

    Grizzly Pine

    Producing quality flower is our passion, and we know that the best flower products come from fresh, perfectly cured buds. At Grizzly Pine, you will never see a nug on our shelf from last year’s inventory; that’s our fresh weed guarantee!


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