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    Top 5 Dispensaries in Montana for 420

    Embark on a journey through Montana’s premier dispensaries, where the 420 spirit is alive and thriving! From scenic locales to top-notch product selections, these cannabis hotspots are primed to make your 420 experience unforgettable. Explore the best of Montana’s cannabis culture and find your perfect match for this year’s celebration!



    MariMint is a Montana born Dispensary serving Recreational & Medical customers that brings a new standard to what a Montana dispensary should be. Our Quality Controlled Packaging, Top Shelf Cannabis Products, Professional Atmosphere, and Educated Staff provide an incomparable customer experience for anyone. With 6 locations throughout Montana including Billings, Butte, Great Falls, Missoula and more storefronts to be announced, we are proud to serve the local community.


    Granite Peak

    The phrase ‘snowball effect’ comes to mind in a literal and hypothetical sense when it comes to Drew and Tanner. Who could have possibly known that their love for flying down Montana mountains on the backs of snowboards would blossom into much more: them ditching the corporate world and opening a successful cannabis business. Thus, Granite Peak was born, “Whoever said that you shouldn’t go into business with your friends doesn’t have friends like us.


    Tamarack Cannabis

    Voted Best Dispensary in Montana, Whitefish and the Flathead Valley, Tamarack Cannabis is the premiere seed-to-sale dispensary providing organic, top-shelf cannabis products since 2009. Tamarack Cannabis operates under core values of quality, loyalty, innovation and inclusion, and prides itself on providing the highest quality cannabis products possible. Each plant grown under Tamarack Cannabis’ care is organic, and touched by a human every single day allowing full and ultimate control, which lends to only the best products extracted in our C1D1 certified lab and processed in our kitchen.


    N8V Grown

    Our dispensary is Native American owned and operated! We strive to deliver high quality products to the state of Montana that will impress locals and visitors alike. Our Team at Cut Bank is a friendly and knowledgeable crew with a lot of experience and knowledge of all products to ensure they can best service our customers.


    Bitter Root Cannabis

    Bitterroot Cannabis Company is a Montana Preferred Provider. We are a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary in Missoula, MT specializing in craft cannabis grown for specific needs and effects. At Bitterroot Cannabis Company we focus on our customer’s care and experience, offering the highest quality cannabis at pocket-friendly prices. We take pride in what we do for our customers by helping with every step to obtaining a medical marijuana card and helping customers choose what best suits their needs.


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