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    Top 5 Dispensaries in Maryland for 420

    When it comes to weed, experience matters. From north to south, from east to west, we have you covered with the best dispensaries you don’t want to miss out on. In this article, you will discover the top 5 dispensaries in Maryland for 420!

    Maggie’s A Liberty Joint

    Maggie’s, est. in 2018 is the first Hampden neighborhood dispensary in Baltimore, MD. Maggie’s keep a wide variety of cannabis products, at every price point, to suit the needs of their patients. Maggie’s love being the neighborhood spot.

    Maggie’s staff works with each individual to match you to a variety of products and consumption methods that will meet your needs. Maggie’s come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have staff dedicated to helping educate and reduce the stigma around cannabis for medical use.

    Visit Maggie’s A Liberty Joint’s website and listing.

    Peake ReLeaf

    Peake ReLeaf’s mission is to enhance healing by offering the highest quality plant medicine with consciousness & ethical values. Peake ReLeaf are committed to consciously and ethically applying our knowledge, passion, and respect for cannabis to dispense only the best medical cannabis and infused products to serve the needs of our patient community.

    Ritual Dispensary

    Ritual Dispensary’s mission is to build medicinal cannabis rituals with patients and guide them to positive progress. Ritual Dispensary are fortunate to have the opportunity to help patients every day. With that opportunity, comes a responsibility to provide the best product, service and education as possible. Ritual Dispensary intentions are to build cannabis rituals with patients, and watch the positive progress grow.

    Greenlight Therapeutics

    Greenlight Therapeutics’s mission is to provide safe access to high-quality, affordable medical cannabis in a personal and compassionate manner with the goal of helping their patients reach a better quality of life.

    Order online for fast & easy curbside pickup or come inside to shop! Glass, smoking accessories, & hemp CBD products available for purchase in greenlight therapeutics retail area. Find a large selection of Vapes, Flower, Prerolls, Wax, Edibles, & more in their showroom or on their online menu.

    Trilogy Wellness

    Trilogy Wellness is built on the belief that cannabis can improve qality of life. Trilogy Wellness are committed to working with doctors and professionals to close the education gap between patients and providers by expanding knowledge and understanding of the benefits, risk, best practices and most effective ways of utilizing medical cannabis.


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