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    Top 5 CBD Brands for 420

    Pure Hemp CBD

    Pure Hemp Shop carries a delightful selection of Delta-8 edibles, each infused with high-quality Delta-8
    THC and available in four scrumptious flavors. Whether you prefer sour, sweet, or fruity flavors, there is
    a Delta-8 gummy for you.

    Infinite CBD

    Get the highest you ever have with Infinite’s Max Effect line. Try our delicious easy to take anywhere Max Effect Gummies, or take our highly potent Max Effect Syrup. Either way, you’ll be zooted for the whole day.
    Shops here:

    SoulfulBee CBD

    Soulful Bee is proud to be one of the TOP 5 CBD brands for 420! We control the process from plant to product in our certified organic facility to guarantee the highest quality CBD products on the market. At Soulful Bee we will continue to develop a variety of new products to ensure we have the healthiest, purest, and most effective options to meet everyone’s needs. In honor of being TOP 5 for 420 save 42% off your next order, use code: SB420

    Plant Based Mary Jane

    When you buy from Plant-Based Mary Jane, you can be confident that you are getting high-quality products that have been tested for purity and potency. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall wellness, manage chronic pain, or reduce anxiety and stress, Plant-Based Mary Jane offers a variety of CBD products to help you create the perfect wellness routine to support a more balanced life so you can feel better every day. Use code: DC2023 to enjoy 15% off your first order!

    Kind Oasis

    The Kind Oasis family includes cannabis-industry leaders, a wellness chef, serial entrepreneurs, and customer service associates who believe in the healing power of hemp and spreading kindness. Ingredients are sourced with exacting standards and 3rd party test for consistency, purity, and legal compliance. Our mission is to provide quality, affordable, hemp-derived products for those who need it most.




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