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    Top 5 Accessories for 420

    As 420 is approaching, we gotta make sure all your smoking essentials are top notch and ready to go for our favorite holiday of the year. With an array of stylish tools and accessories to match marijuana’s haute status, we’ve curated our list of the 5 best cannabis accessories to try out this 420!


    The Brand: Elephant Brands is the manufacturer of the most unique rolling papers in the world. Our brands include Elephant Rolling Papers and Beautiful Burns Rolling Papers. For each cone, the design patterns, the color palette, and materials are chosen according to one goal – providing customers with the best-looking pre-rolled cones in the world.

    Paper Cones: Indulge in the beauty of our rolling paper cones, where fashion meets function in the most sophisticated way. Each of our cones is carefully crafted to help you express your own personal sense of style while elevating your smoking experience to new heights.

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    The Brand: Kasher Inc has been the leader in lighter tool technology since their release to market in 2009. Now with over 40 different product options, and collabs with the likes of Cheech & Chong, Jerome Baker, Angela Mazzanti, and more, Kasher Inc has built a solid brand and company foundation and is fit to explode at the forefront of one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. The inventor and founder of Kasher Inc, Andrew Sweeney, credits his team and many mentors he’s had along the way and is excited to continue to thread his companies mission throughout the fabric of the cannabis industry, which is to “Make Shit Happen”. Don’t sit around and wait for life to happen to you, pursue your dreams, take risks, get shit done, and most of all, have fun along the way. We will show the world that stoners are anything but lazy, in fact, Andrew would argue that cannabis is one of the safer vices out there… much safer than alcohol and other harsh pharmaceuticals, “it’s only a matter of time before the entire world knows the true miracles this plant brings to the table when it comes to medicine or recreation”. When that time comes, Kasher will be a household name and any lighter will look naked without one!

    Lighter: The Kasher has become an industry staple; released to market in 2009 this crafty little tool has morphed from a simple pipe tool, to a much more versatile tool with hundreds of uses and counting, now deemed the “World’s Best Lighter Tool”. Not only does it work great for any smoking related task (Kashing your pipe, bubbler, bong, one-hitter, etc, an on-the-go dabber, slicing swishers & gutting them out, packing your joints/blunts, cigar punch, and so much more). With the help from users and fans around the globe, we have uncovered many more uses, some not even smoking related such as a box cutter, staple remover, package opener, self-defense tool, lock picker, beer shotgunning tool (or weed beverage of course), hemp wick cutter, and more. Over the years of uncovering all these creative uses for this simple, yet extremely versatile product, the team at Kasher Inc has made the metal thicker and stronger, to provide users with a stronger all around multi-use tool, rather than simply a pipe tool. You can do pretty much anything with a Kasher.. the sky’s the limit when it comes to all the different uses this handy tool provides. If you want to give somebody a gift they will fall in love with and use daily, and continue to use for years to come, look no more, you’ve found that and more in Kasher Inc’s popular line of lighter tools.

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    The Brand: The Canna-Less Collection by Aroma Retail is a new line of innovative Cannabis odor-elimination technology. By transforming that distinctive weed malodor into a unique aroma at a molecular level, we quickly and effectively neutralize it. Utilizing cutting-edge science and all-natural ingredients, we successfully change the ganja smell instead of using dangerous, artificial chemicals to cover it.

    Canna Less Collection:

    • Neutralizing Spray: Eliminate cannabis malodors on the go with our 4 oz bottle of Neutralizing Spray.
    • Neutralizing Fabric Spray: Get rid of weed odors in your fabrics with our 16 oz Neutralizing Fabric Spray.
    • Fragrance Oil: Our pure-grade fragrance oils are available in 4 oz, 8 oz, and 27 oz refill bottles and are designed for use in our line of Scent Machines. All products are available in our three unique scents; Matchajuana, Peach By The Gram, and Reefresh.

     Shop Here: Canna-Less Collection: 


    The Brand: Welcome to the new way to store your stash. The 7 Piece Tulip Set is modular lockbox that traps odor and has sections to store weed, tubes, carts, batteries, a slim lighter, and any other consumables or accessories.

    Tulip Box: The Jars and Tubes included are also secure, air-tight, and certain sizes come with humidity packets for freshness. Set Includes: 1 Tulip Box, 2 Medium Jars, 1 Small Jar, 1 Tube, 1 Small On-The-Go Pouch, and humidity packs. Comes with a rewritable labeling marker.

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    The Brand: Jilter was founded 2002 by two brothers to develop a roll-your-own filter that reduces the harmful substances without having a negative impact on the desired ingredients, draw behavior and taste. It was very important not to change the ritual and habits of rolling a joint.

    Jilter: – plastic free J-Filter that reduce harmful stuff with still 100% smoking satisfaction. Warning: Jilter won’t protect you from THC! Jilter prevents tobacco particles from entering your mouth and maintains cleaner and brighter teeth.

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