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    Top 5 Accessories Brands for 710

    Celebrate 710 with these top 5 accessories that offer the perfect companionship for your elevated experience.

    710 Spatula

    The 710 Spatula was designed with the dab consumer in mind. This innovative product is proudly brought to you by RubyPearlCo, a brand founded by a glassblower and his wife who are deeply passionate about the concentrate community.

    Discreete Smoker

    Introducing Discreet Smoker, the brainchild of David, a resourceful teenager on a mission to conceal the scent of weed. Our brand offers a range of ingenious, smell-proof bags and many different smoking accessories designed to keep the aroma completely under wraps. With our clever bags and smoking pipes, you can enjoy your joint without a trace of the scent escaping, giving you the freedom to indulge discreetly.

    Piecemaker Gear

    Kube, The first square silicone dab rig ever created! We created the Kube to be your one-stop shop for dabbing. Not only do you get our unique L-shaped down stem and removable stainless steel base, you get a Kontainer, dab tool, and quartz banger. The Kube is sleek, daring, and a pleaser.

    Goody Glass

    Hey there, meet the Big Face Mini Rig, the undisputed champ of the Goody Mini Rig Collection. With its killer disc percolation tech and the standout ‘Big Face’ top chamber, it’ll give you bubbles for days and keep your flavors on point. Trust us, for a dabbing game-changer, you can’t beat this little beast. It’s time to level up.


    Check out the Hemper Vapor Station – your ultimate dabbing sidekick. With its all-in-one setup and intelligent multi-purpose stand, it promises hassle-free, safe, and epic dabbing experiences. Plus, its heat-resistant silicone sleeve ensures everything, including you and your precious concentrates, stay cool and secure. Step up your dabbing game with Hemper today!
    What’s Included:
    • Vapor station
    • Vapor station Stand
    • Dab tool
    • Removable Glass Dish
    • Bubbler

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