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    Top 10 Unique Bongs of 2022

    Staying on top of the hottest trends that are being set in the bong world is no easy task. There are way too many different bong manufacturers out there to be able to fully test and understand the capabilities of each different brand. That is why you have us here at Fat Buddha Glass. Our online headshop has already done all of the hard work for you. We have been meticulously sifting through separate glass vendors and artists to find the best of the best. 

    When it comes to the world of everything 420 being the best of the best means you have to have a high-quality product that is ready to last through the years. For this best-of list, we wanted to narrow it down to a specific category. Bongs. 

    We are bringing you the top ten best bongs in the market. The internet is full of sub-par bongs for you to choose from. So we figured you could really benefit from having a go-to place for finding the best of the best bongs. 

    We want you to have a place to find the best gift ideas ever! We want you to be able to see what options are available online today so you can find the perfect piece for you! We want you to leave our online headshop feeling like you 


    The Fat Buddha Glass 12” Beaker Bong

    First on our list is our very own 12” Beaker Bong. This thing is an absolute beast. The beaker bong style is probably the most reliable style of bong there is out there. We say this because it allows you to hold an insane amount of water in its chamber! 

    You can fill this thing up with more water than your average bong, which provides more filtration of your smoke! The more filtration you have the better your rip is going to feel while you are inhaling. Also, big bongs make for big rips. And this, this is a big bong. After one rip of this monster, you will absolutely understand what all the beaker hype is about.

    Our favorite things about this bong are:

    • Fat Buddha Logo for Added Design
    • Beaker Style
    • Easy to Clean

    This bong is exactly what you need to make 2022 perfect! We can put this on our best bongs list so confidently because it also remains to be one of the most popular bongs in our online headshop. Year after year, this piece stays at the top of the list, because of its beautiful simplicity. It’s Elegant undertones. Its Fat Buddha Logo!! 


    The Heart Bong

    2022 is the year of LOVE! And this bong is here for it! Despite the immense amounts of hate in this world, this bong still comes to the table every day to shine forth with a beautiful message. Love! This unique bong has a heart-shaped chamber that gives you a reason to be passionate about every single session! It comes in a few different color options so you can feel confident that you will find a piece that perfectly fits your collection. 

    The heart bong might just be the best piece to start your collection with. Its size makes it easy to take rips from, so if you are a beginner or if you are getting it for a beginner, you are making the right call.

    The main reasons we love this piece are:

    • Heart-Shaped Chamber
    • Colorful Options
    • Small Size (Perfect for travel)


    So look, if you need a little more love in your life and you have been searching for just the place to find it. You are in the right place. Well, hopefully. We can only offer you the type of love that is symbolized in a gorgeous bong. The kind of love that we offer comes in the way we wrap each piece with the utmost care to ensure a safe shipping experience. The kind of love that we have to share is providing you with a go-to place to find all of your 420 needs. 

    If this kind of love speaks to you. You are in the right place. 


    Electroplated UV Bong


    Talk about a stunner! This is 12” of pure glass art. This piece is electroplated which gives it a multi-colored shine from every angle! Truly no matter what angle you look at this piece, you are going to be impressed. There are two specific features on this bong that really make it unique. And they are sitting right on top of each other. 

    First, the dome perc. The dome percolator sits in the upper chamber of this bong, and its purpose is evenly to add air bubbles to the water in your bong. These air bubbles in the water diffuse your smoke as it travels through this magical little chamber. This makes for a much smoother rip. 

    The second unique feature of this is purely decorative. It is the little sand-filled sculpture that sits on top of the dome perc. The sand inside this little glass sculpture actually glows in the dark! So if you leave your bong in light for a few hours, it’ll be ready to shine for you in the dark.

    So to sum it all up, our favorite things about this bong are:

    • Glow In The Dark Features
    • Electroplated Multi-color shine!
    • Bad A$$ Dome Percolator


    So if you are in need of a bong that stands out from even the most unique and colorful bongs on the market. This is just the piece. It really is the type of piece that perfectly encapsulates what we at Fat Buddha have tried to bring to you since our beginning. A high-quality, but still affordable piece of functional glass art!


    Glow in the dark SPINNING BALL bong

    You could spin around the whole globe and still not find a glass bong that spins as cool as this one. It features a GLOW IN THE DARK spinning ball in the middle of it. I mean this bong designer really understands his target audience. Whenever we sit down for a session, we always are looking for something to play with. Now you will always have that with you! A fun glowing spinning ball. And trust us, this piece of art still looks amazing in the light as well.

    The spinning ball on this bong isn’t the only really cool feature. It also has a donut-shaped hold! This is the perfect way to securely hold onto your bong while you are smoking. Or even while you are spinning the crystal ball around. Not to mention how cool it looks in general! This piece features a bent back neck, so you don’t have to worry about your face being too close to the flame while you are smoking. No more burnt eyebrows for you! (if you haven’t done that yet, good, get a piece that keeps you away from the flame so you don’t ever have to learn the hard way.)

    So to sum it up our favorite things about this unique bong are:

    • It has a SPINNING GLOW IN THE DARK BALL! (sorry for the caps, we just love it.)
    • Donut Handle for a Secure Grip
    • Disc Percolator for Nice and Smooth Rips


    So if you are a person who is constantly looking for something to fidget with while you are soaring on cloud 9. Look no further. You will love spending hours spinning this little ball around. Especially if you use the actual piece, right before. Or if you are looking for the perfect gift for that same person we just described, you are welcome, here it is!


    Flower Bong

    Ok, so it might be obvious that we are partial to bongs that have amazing extra features. But we acknowledge that bias, so you are completely informed. The amazing features on this bong are similar to the other bongs on this list, but they really are all brought together in this perfect piece of glass. The first feature we love is the design. This bong is heavy on design, and has ornate flower accents decorating the body. The second feature we love is that those same accents, glow in the dark! You can tell we are partial to things that glow. But how can you not be, this bong is amazing! It too has a beaker design, which gives it the capacity to hold a good amount of water. Making your smoking experiences all that much more pleasurable.

    So let us go over our three favorite things about this bong:

    • Intricate Flower Designs
    • Glows in the Dark
    • Beaker Design Allows for Good Amount of Water


    For the flower lover in you, we think that this bong is perfect. OR the flower lover next to you! That special someone who loves greenery and greenery. 


    Electroplated Beaker Bong

    This is my personal favorite. It stands at 12” high and is absolutely one of the thickest bongs I have ever held. It has a massive beaker base with a beautiful engraving on the bottom of it. Its neck has a geometric sandblasted pattern, that feels amazing to hold. One of the many reasons why this bong is so beautiful is that it is electroplated. This means that no matter what angle you look at this bong from, it is going to have a multi-color shine that is sure to stun.

    Our favorite things about his stunner are:

    • Massive Beaker Design
    • Very Thick
    • Multi-Color Shine


    If you are, or you know someone who could benefit from a glass piece that is this thick. Maybe this is just the one for you. Its electroplated shine makes it one of the coolest bongs we have ever seen. 


    Skull Bong

    This bong comes from our new high-quality line of colorful glass pieces called Bodhi glass. We created bodhi because we saw a lack of color in the bong world. There may be color-accented pieces here and there, but nothing that really stood out. Along comes Bodhi. These glass pieces are so vibrant! You are sure to find a variation that speaks to you. 

    This specific bong is one of the more popular bodhi pieces. The skull bong isn’t just a piece to break out for Halloween it is one that demands to be stared at constantly. We aren’t totally positive that this bong didn’t sell its soul to the devil to be the best bong around. But we can tell you that it is the best bong around! If you are trying to find something thick and colorful these Bodhi skull bongs are here for you!

    Our favorite parts about this specific piece are:

    • You Will Always Have a Smoke Buddy!
    • Extremely Thick
    • Extremely Colorful


    If you want the perfect piece to work as both a beautiful art piece for your shelf and a functional piece of art. Look no further than this bodhi skull bong. If you don’t like this shape, but love the colors we highly recommend you check out the other thick and colorful pieces in our Bohdi line as well. 


    Cheech and Chong Beaker

    Cheech and Chong are two of the biggest names in the weed world. They have made so many hilarious movies that will leave you on the floor rolling out of laughter. At least we know that their movies have made us laugh that hard anyway. 

    So what better way to pay homage to these pioneer heroes of the cannabis world, than with a bong that features them on it! This bong has a beautiful design that is fit for the cannabis kings themselves.

    Our favorite parts about his piece are:

    • Massive Beaker Design
    • Homage To The Greats
    • Classic Bong Feel


    Everyone needs a piece with a little character, well this one has two crazy characters, right on the bong! If you know someone who is as big a cinephile as they are a stoner, this is going to be the perfect bong for them. Or someone who just appreciates the finer things in life, like some really good comedians.


    Electrotwist Bong

    We know 2020 and even 2021 have not been easy. That’s why in 2022 we are getting twisted. With the gorgeous 12” ElectroTwist Beaker Bong. Like the other beakers on this list, this bong allows you to fill it up with a massive amount of water. Generally, the more water you have in your bong, the smoother it will rip. 

    The obvious standout feature in this bong is the twisted glass design. It looks like someone made this glass piece out of clay and twisted it on a wheel. The deep grooves of the twists serve as the perfect grips for holding onto this massive piece of glass. It is called the electro twist because this piece is electroplated, and as we learned earlier in this list, that means it is going to look absolutely beautiful from every angle. 

    This bong looks almost ice-like, which is great because it also comes with an ice catch. The ice catch allows you to fill up the massive neck full of ice. So as you rip the smoke that travels through the bong will be cooled down by the ice, making a more tolerable hit.

    Our favorite things about this piece are:

    • Electroplated. Twisted. Beautiful.
    • Ice-Catch For SMOOOOTH Rips
    • Beautiful From Every Angle


    This piece is a beautiful twisted glass work of art. And truly we think that it is pretty enough to be a stand-alone art piece. If you wanted to use this as a vase, we would totally understand. However, this piece does make a much better high-quality bong than it does a vase. Watching the water bubble up inside of this piece as you rip it is an experience that you will never forget. Brings yours home today. 


    The Gravitron

    The last piece on our list isn’t a bong exactly. But It DEMANDS to be included in this list. It is Grav’s Gravitron. The Gravitron is an icon of a piece. As its name suggests it uses gravity to make the magic happen. When you use a gravity bong for the first time, it hits a lot harder than your average bong. 

    That is because you don’t have to rely on your lungs to pull a rip. All of the force of gravity is being used to light every little bit of green in your bowl at once. Making for a massive rip. And when you inhale it, it is easiest to clear the entire thing at once.

    Which is all quite the experience:

    • Uses Gravity to Light the Bowl
    • A Staple in the 420 World
    • Unique in Every Way


    If you are looking to switch up your smoking experience and try something new, this might just be the piece for you. Become a master of gravity by, harnessing its power for your smoking pleasure. 

    Well, that is our introduction to the hottest bongs of 2022. These staples are sure to take off this year, and we are excited to show them to you. Though we have taken the time and effort to list out and rank the bongs that are going to be big in 2022. 

    The most important part about you finding a quality piece, to us, is finding one that speaks to you. A piece that you feel you have a genuine connection with. And if you have any questions on how to further find your perfect piece, feel free to reach out to us. We love to hear from you, the good, the bad, and all of the questions. But for now, good luck, and we hope this list has guided you to a piece that will last you a lifetime!


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