Tommy Chong’s 20 for 2020: Lookah Glass  

Hey, I am Tommy Chong and back with more 20 for 20. And today we got Lookah Glass. Now, this is some glass. Wow! When I had my glass company or my sons’ glass company, we never came close to anything like this!

For over 15 years Lookah Glass has been producing quality, high quality, glass products. Actually, they have been making glass since 2000, so they are 20 old years and growing strong. Man, they have outdone themselves here. When you buy Lookah Glass you not only buying a bong or a dab rig, you are buying into an art piece. Years from now, these pieces are going to be worth a tonne of money. These pieces retail between anything from $150 and $300 which is very reasonable. In fact, if I were a collector I would buy my piece now. Whether you smoke or not, buy them now. Stick ‘em somewhere, put them up on display! 



 About Lookah Glass


A manufacturer and wholesaler who specializes in glass products. Offering a OEM and ODM one-stop service. With over 50 glass blowing machines and over 150 qualified, professional as well as experienced glass blowers Lookah Glass knows what they are doing. Their glass products are made from premium, high-quality US-made glass material. With a huge production capacity, Lookah Glass can produce between 3500 to 4000 pieces per week!


Come on, its time to sell high-end quality glass product.


They offer water pipes and dab rigs which are some of the most innovative modern designs in the industry. Exclusive original designs with inline percs. Glass rigs with double, quad and monster recycler rigs ranging from 9” to 20”. AAA glasspipes and rigs with new original designs coming out of their factory every week. Either choose from their plain Lookah Glass range or their more colorful Tattoo Glass range. They also offer a wide variety of vaporizers, apparel and bundled specials.



The History of Glass Pipes


Glass blowing dates back to the earliest civilizations. The Romans figured out they could use glass rods and blow tubes around 30BC and made valuable hollow glass vessels for the high-end of Roman society.

It took nearly 2000 years for glassblowers to realize they could use these techniques to blow smoking devices. The first patent for a glass pipe was filed in 1977 and since these early days, glassblowers have been blazing new trails in the fast-growing industry of pipe and bong making. 


Glass pipes have always been well-known to offer a unique and crystal clear way to smoke whether its been used for cannabis flowers or concentrates. Today’s glass pipes range from affordable production type pieces to unique works of art that fetch thousands of dollars.



The Future

As the cannabis industry grows glass artists of today will push and inspire new generations to take over the rods! Lookah Glass is positioned itself to be the most original and available AAA glass manufacturer on the market and available to consumers worldwide through its distributor network. Go ahead and buy a piece of glass.

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