Tommy Chong’s 20 for 2020: Heart of Fiya

Hey, this is Tommy Chong and we are here in 20 for 20 with my top 20 brands. Fiyaman, live resin is 100 % cannabis oil. Wooah. Fiyaman is made with only the finest top-shelf buds.

Fiyaman is freshly squeezed flower into a live resin. No artificial flavors, no cuts. No bad oil, no bullshit MCT oil. They have a variety of live resin strains available such as Wedding crasher which is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a potent cross of the classic Wedding Cake cross Purple Punch strain. Other delicious live resin strains are Strawberry Banana, Pink Runtz to name a few popular choices. These famous pure and potent liquid live extracts are made in California and available through several outlets. What is more, you can enjoy these live resin extracts in vape cartridges as well in delicious edible cookies! offers a wide range of cannabis clothing and merchandise. From either men or women’s clothing, unisex items, hoodies, sportswear and much more. Top shelf designs for the cannabis connoisseur.

What are live resin cannabis concentrates

When you get up close and personal with a live, mature cannabis plant you realize what a magical plant it really is. The bouquet of aromas from a single sniff will redefine your expectations of cannabis and their many complex fragrances. The translation of this experience of direct flavors and aromas is easier said than done when it comes to a consumer product.

 The myriad of processes between when the live cannabis plant is harvested to the final consumer product may potentially eliminate these pungent smells. To make it even harder many extraction techniques intentionally purge these elements, leaving a consumer with an odorless and boring concentrate, completely void of the true essence of cannabis. 

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate extraction technique that captures the aromas and flavors as soon as the plant is harvested. Once the plant is harvested it is immediately frozen at supercritical temperatures throughout the entire extraction process thus freezing these important terpenes and flavonoids at the perfect moment. 

 Traditional harvesting, curing and extraction methods subject cannabis buds to elements not conducive to terpene preservation. Increased exposure to oxygen, light, heat and physical agitation all play a massive role in the degradation of the terpene profiles in freshly harvested cannabis flower.

However, with live resin which is flash frozen as soon as its harvested these terpene profiles are frozen in time. The harvest is kept at subcritical temperatures and thus retains its valuable aroma’s and flavors that may be carried over to the final consumer product. 

  In addition to retaining their pungent aroma, the higher and more complex terpene profiles can deliver a more psychoactive experience. This is because terpenes interact with cannabinoids like CBD and THC in different ways and scientists are still baffled by this phenomena and labeled it as the “entourage effect”. 


 These factors are the reason why live resins have risen to the top of the cannabis concentrate market.

So for 2020 Fiyaman is offering a discount, discounts on their merch. So you go on the Internet and get your discount on Use promo code “cleanmeds” at checkout.